Banking Landscape on Fire, Dollar Tumbles, as Gold and Silver Sparkle

Banking Woes are Just Beginning Hey brothers, this week we focus on the banking world, which is getting hit hard…we specifically discuss: Two major banks whose share prices are now well under their worst print during the crash of 2008! The CDS market, where some big money is starting to price in some very heavy banking […]

The Banking Cabal is Running out of Time in Silver

The Clock is Ticking in Silver   Ladies and Gentlemen, for months I’ve written about how the diminishing price/supply in silver, coupled with fresh, record demand will lead to a “religious experience” for the market riggers. On Saturday, I did an interview with Wall Street for Main Street, on the topic as well. Well, in the last […]

Severe Turbulence Arrives for the Market Riggers!

Tag-Teaming the Bankster Ponzi Hello brothers, fellow shield brother Jason Burack, at Wall Street for Main Street, graciously invited me on to talk about the newest, horrid carnage going on in the unholy halls of NYC and London. There’s plenty to talk about, and we pull no punches whatsoever! Specifically we take aim at: The incredible, […]

If This Weakest, Wobbly Link Snaps…Look Out!

The Global Rout Intensifies Well folks, the Global Stock Market/Trade/Equity/Energy/Credit rout that began with the start of 2016 has continued.  Everywhere you look, asset valuations are getting completely monkey-hammered. I intend to survey the damage, and focus on the weak link in the system here that I’ve been watching carefully.  Firstly though, let’s take a […]

Uh Oh! The Last Time This Happened, the Global Financial System Went Into Freefall

Things aren’t Looking Good Holy smokes, 2016 is intense! The world economy is literally seizing up, and vaporizing vast amounts of wealth from investors. In just 2 weeks, over $3 trillion in wealth has been wiped out. I’ve been watching markets tank all over the entire world, and it’s starting to smell like August/September of last year […]