Silver Stacking Warriors are Brutally Breaching Enemy Barricades

  Give Them No Mercy This week we take a very close look at the carnage your stacking is inflicting upon our banking adversaries.  Specifically: We discuss the record sales figures at the US Mint in August, & what those sales mean going forward… We define two very different types of “silver shortages”, and why it’s […]

Beijing Just Buried its Fangs into the US Dollar Standard

Taking Control Over the past few days, it’s quite evident that alot has changed on the global financial landscape. However, there have recently been a few developments in China, which further signal that everything we know is about to change. Several weeks ago, I made the case that China had been taking certain measures to put […]

The Rosy Illusion of Global Recovery has Now Been Shattered

Epic Rout Folks, the panic is spreading, and fast.  This is the moment you and I have prepared for, for years. It’s finally here.  The controllers are no longer able to convince folks of the ‘recovery’ story, with massaged, fluffy jobs numbers, or double-speak about a rosy stock market.  Indeed, all that work of propping […]

Silver Will Slice Through “Deflation”, Like a Hot Knife Through Butter

  The Big Con Hey brothers, this week we examine(and demolish) an enormous lie being spread by our enemies right now about silver. We take a good, hard look at that lie, and cover: A personal story of mine from the last deflationary spiral, in 2008, and what lessons it has for us now… What happened […]

China Cranks up the Heat on DC, with a Blistering Summer Offensive

  Summertime Action Well, brothers, it never fails, does it?  I leave the interwebz for roughly 10 days…and everything blows sky high(some things, quite literally)!  That’s ok though, it’s given me time to sort through the debris, and formulate a few thoughts on what’s going on. Ya know how each year, when autumn rolls around, […]