Will this Heart-Wrenching Fate Befall Your Loved Ones in the Next Collapse?

The Fallout Claims its Victims This week we take an indepth look at the bone-crushing losses in the Chinese equity market plunge, and cover: A deadly mistake that a Chinese investor made, and why those closest to you have probably made it too… The extent of the carnage in Shanghai, and why Beijing’s firewall is powerless to […]

The Trap has Now Been Set on the Comex!

  Records Keep Shattering Last week’s price action, as we know, saw gold being dragged in a monstrous shorting undertow that left gold & silver spot prices at weekly closes under $1,100 and $15, respectively.  The reason why this is happening is something I’ve covered at great length, but the affect which these new price lows are […]

The Real Reason Putin Said “NO” to Funding the Drachma and Grexit…

  The “Great Game” Goes On Today we take a look at the most shocking revelation of the week: that Putin himself said “no” to funding the Greek drachma, and by extension, an immediate Grexit. We talk in detail about: Precisely why(if true) Putin chose to do this… How the Ukraine crisis and this decision are likely […]