The Rosy Illusion of Global Recovery has Now Been Shattered

Epic Rout Folks, the panic is spreading, and fast.  This is the moment you and I have prepared for, for years. It’s finally here.  The controllers are no longer able to convince folks of the ‘recovery’ story, with massaged, fluffy jobs numbers, or double-speak about a rosy stock market.  Indeed, all that work of propping […]

Silver Will Slice Through “Deflation”, Like a Hot Knife Through Butter

  The Big Con Hey brothers, this week we examine(and demolish) an enormous lie being spread by our enemies right now about silver. We take a good, hard look at that lie, and cover: A personal story of mine from the last deflationary spiral, in 2008, and what lessons it has for us now… What happened […]

China Cranks up the Heat on DC, with a Blistering Summer Offensive

  Summertime Action Well, brothers, it never fails, does it?  I leave the interwebz for roughly 10 days…and everything blows sky high(some things, quite literally)!  That’s ok though, it’s given me time to sort through the debris, and formulate a few thoughts on what’s going on. Ya know how each year, when autumn rolls around, […]