Analyzing the E-Commerce Giant: Amazon Stock

When it comes to, the name needs no introduction as it is a big powerhouse in the field of e-commerce. The company was least affected by the coronavirus pandemic because the pandemic worked in the favor of the e-commerce industry and Amazon grew well. Not only did it grow in the e-commerce sector but also Amazon Prime catered to the entertainment of the people at homes during the period of lockdowns and curfews and there was a great deal of increase in the number of subscribers.

The company is very strong and large but the news that Jeff Bezos will step down from his role as the CEO of the company did make the analysts and investors think about the company’s stock. Although in the case of Amazon, there has never been a need to analyze the stock since it has always been a buy now, after the decision of Bezos, let us analyze the prospects of the firm. No Signs of Slowing Down the Progress

Amazon’s growth is somewhat inevitable because it has given people the comfort of shopping for anything and everything from the comfort of their homes. Also, Amazon Prime Video has a lot of amazing shows and has garnered lots of new subscribers which are increasing day by day.

The major threat to Amazon is the simultaneous growth of other e-commerce companies. Companies like Shopify are becoming strong contenders of Amazon because they have earned well and emerged out as big firms due to the pandemic. Now, Amazon has to work harder to retain its position as the e-commerce giant in the whole e-commerce industry to defy these rival companies. Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN): Statistics and Figures (Latest)

  • 52 Week Range: $1,626.03 – $3,552.25
  • Average Volume: 3,657,344
  • Market Capital: $1.651T
  • Forward Dividend and Yield: N/A (N/A)

The firm is expanding its wings and becoming more and more diverse. The stepping down of Jeff Bezos should not be a hindrance to the growth of the company. The company is progressing well in a fine manner.

Amazon Stock: Good for a Purchase Right Now?

In no case, is the growth of the company or the company as a whole going to retaliate, and that makes the company’s stock good for buying. The stock’s price has always been quite high but the ones, who can afford to buy Amazon stock, should not leave the opportunity. Some analysts are of the view that the stock should be observed for some time before investing so that the investors can be surer of the investment. In the case of this company, the investors can go for either of the options and still be safe. The investors should also keep a track of the stocks of the rival firms of Amazon to get a clearer picture of the scenario and then be firmly sure about the decision of investing in this company or not.

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