Top Stocks to Invest in Right Now

The list of the best and the top stocks for investing keeps on changing from time to time. It is therefore very necessary for the shareholders to keep themselves updated about the same so that they do not invest in the wrong stock at the wrong time. Some stocks are consistent enough to always make it into the list while some of the stocks keep getting on and off the track owing to the high volatility of the stock market. Hence, let us analyze some of the current hot stocks for investing in the stock market right now:

  • Fastly (NYSE: FLY)

  • 52 Week Range: $10.63 – $136.50
  • Average Volume: 6,302,459
  • Market Capital: $8.161B
  • Forward Dividend and Yield: N/A (N/A)

When it comes to cloud-computing stocks, Fastly has shown tremendous growth during the past year 2020 and has performed well. This fact is apparent from the stock value mentioned above. For now, it is a good stock to invest in.

  • NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA)

  • 52 Week Range: $180.68 – $614.90
  • Average Volume: 7,332,298
  • Market Capital: $335.634B
  • Forward Dividend and Yield: 64 (0.11%)

This company is a fast-growing tech firm which is a good choice for investing right now. This is because the company is having a strong future ahead in terms of chip-making. The analysts at present hold a high and positive view of NVIDIA and hence, an investment now could be a profitable one.

  • The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS)

  • 52 Week Range: $79.07 – $200.60
  • Average Volume: 12,375,139
  • Market Capital: $344.046
  • Forward Dividend and Yield: N/A (N/A)

The coronavirus pandemic, on one hand, led to the closing down of all the Disney Theme Parks but on the other hand, Disney+ garnered a lot many subscribers which covered up the loss and boosted the company’s growth greatly. This year, with the reopening of the parks and the ongoing growth of Disney+, the company has a lot in its hand and therefore constitutes a good investment.

  • Novavax Inc. (NASDAQ: NVAX)

  • 52 Week Range: $6.77 – $331.68
  • Average Volume: 5,042,652
  • Market Capital: $15.373B
  • Forward Dividend and Yield: N/A (N/A)

This company is another one of those companies which have developed their vaccines and got approval. Novavax has the chance of a better future ahead because of the experimental vaccine that it has formulated. If the vaccine becomes as successful as expected, then the firm will continue to remain profitable and might as well become even more profitable for the investors.

These are some of the best stocks for investing right now which will bear fine profits in the future. The investors can choose these as per their requirements and budget. Also, the shareholders must take care of the fact that the stock market is volatile and hence invest accordingly in the correct stock.

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