Beyond Meat: Earnings Report and New Deals with McDonald’s and PepsiCo

The fourth-quarter earnings of Beyond Meat have come out to be quite less than as they were expected. The firm has reported a loss for this quarter and the analysts had better estimations and expectations from Beyond Meat. Beyond Meat was founded around ten years back and has made its name in the field of plant-based alternatives for meat. Therefore, it is important to investigate that whether the recent loss of the company would be well enough for deciding on its stock or not.

Beyond Meat and its, New Partnership Deals with PepsiCo and McDonald’s

These deals did help the company’s stock to rise despite the quarterly earnings result. With PepsiCo, the firm has signed a deal wherein it will produce protein-filled healthy snacks. By far, this deal has been the most far-reaching deal of partnership the company has had till now.

The other deal with Mcdonald’s is a contract of three years. Under this deal, Beyond Meat would supply to McDonald’s, plant-based patties. McDonald’s McPlant menu would include this. Also, Beyond Meat would work with McDonald’s for developing plant-based substitutes in place of pork, chicken, and egg.

These deals have attracted the buyers and the investors as well analysts look upon these deals with positivity that these will work out well for the company. The CFO of the company has also announced that he would soon step down from his position after the end of his tenure.

Beyond Meat Inc. (NASDAQ: BYND)

  • 52 Week Range: $48.18 – $221.00
  • Average Volume: 4,254,220
  • Market Capital: $9.305B
  • Forward Dividend and Yield: N/A (N/A)

The 52 Week Range of the firm shows how well the growth has been. The difference in the stock price is proof of the same. The current value fluctuates because of the earnings report and the deals. There has emerged a two-way perspective about the company but there are more chances that the company will be a better performer shortly.

Beyond Meat Stock: What Decision to take Regarding Investment?

Beyond Meat shows better prospects of giving profits to investors in the future. A long-term investment here looks like a better option rather than opting for a short-term investment. The company suffered due to the coronavirus pandemic because the restaurants and eateries had to close down or reduce their sitting capacity. The situation of Covid-19 has yet not completely normalized and hence long-term investment is less risky. The deals of the company are however strong and seem like they will help the company well in its growth.

Investors can opt for this company in terms of an investment. The analysts also hold a positive view of the firm. The very recent earnings cannot overshadow the past performance of the company which has been quite good. Therefore, long-term investment in Beyond Meat is the best and well-suited choice for investing right now.

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