Peace From Strength

In the last few weeks, I came across complaints that Obama asked Europeans to pay for defense (a request Trump made forcefully), or that Obama doubled the number of special forces in Syria. I see nothing wrong with Obama’s request or Obama helping justice in Syria. I see everything wrong with those who plead for […]

Crazy Physics Helps With Overall Madness?

Quantum Physics has long been a circus. When De Broglie proposed his thesis, his Nobel prize jury did not know what to make of it, and consulted Einstein, who was enthusiastic, saying de Broglie “lifted a piece of the veil”. Three years later, de Broglie got the Nobel and proposed his pilot wave theory. Pauli […]

The Quantum Puzzle

CAN PHYSICS COMPUTE? Is Quantum Computing Beyond Physics? More exactly, do we know, can we know, enough physics for (full) quantum computing? I have long suggested that the answer to this question was negative, and smirked at physicists sitting billions of universes on a pinhead, as if they had nothing better to do, the children […]