Kyle Bass’s Warnings about Fractional Reserve Gold Exchanges were Prophetic

Banks Fork Over Enormous Piles of Metal to Stackers For those who thought June’s stacking strength was merely a fluke, well, let’s just say that July has put all those doubts to rest.  The record amount of metal tucked away by stackers and big money in July is the absolute strongest seen in years.  Everywhere […]

Will this Heart-Wrenching Fate Befall Your Loved Ones in the Next Collapse?

The Fallout Claims its Victims This week we take an indepth look at the bone-crushing losses in the Chinese equity market plunge, and cover: A deadly mistake that a Chinese investor made, and why those closest to you have probably made it too… The extent of the carnage in Shanghai, and why Beijing’s firewall is powerless to […]

The Trap has Now Been Set on the Comex!

  Records Keep Shattering Last week’s price action, as we know, saw gold being dragged in a monstrous shorting undertow that left gold & silver spot prices at weekly closes under $1,100 and $15, respectively.  The reason why this is happening is something I’ve covered at great length, but the affect which these new price lows are […]

The Real Reason Putin Said “NO” to Funding the Drachma and Grexit…

  The “Great Game” Goes On Today we take a look at the most shocking revelation of the week: that Putin himself said “no” to funding the Greek drachma, and by extension, an immediate Grexit. We talk in detail about: Precisely why(if true) Putin chose to do this… How the Ukraine crisis and this decision are likely […]