Iceland Brings Down the Hammer on Banksters Yet Again

  Taking the Gloves Off  Since the very inception of the financial crisis of 2008, many nations in the West(such as Greece, Ireland, or Cyprus) have found that they’ve lost not only financially to the banksters that caused it, but even more sadly, they’ve found that they’ve lost their freedoms and political sovereignty as well.  This […]

4 Disturbing Signs that America’s Real Economy is Going Beneath the Waves

The Ship is Going Down This week we take a look at 4 very disturbing things which indicate and summarize the trouble the US is in.  Specifically, we discuss: A grueling political circus going on right now in Washington which demonstrates how the US currency/system is beyond saving… How even “fiscal conservatives” and liberals are both […]

The Chinese Yuan just got an Enormous Nitro Boost!

The Yuan is Unleashed This week we take a look at a new, major market announcement from China, which has enormous ramifications for the world economy, and for the US Dollar(and Euro). Specifically, we discuss: A major financial weapon that China has just completed, and how it will change the global currency scene forever… What the […]

DC Watches Helplessly as Putin Bombs the Daylights out of their Pet Terrorists

Russia’s Offensive Begins Well, well, Russia has now begun their long-awaited offensive against ISIS/Daesh/Al-Nusra/Al-Qaeda/Free Syrian Army, over the past week, a great deal has been seen(and learned) about what it means, and how it will change the dynamic going forward. Make no mistake, the Russian involvement in Syria is, without a doubt, an enormous game-changer […]