DC just Lost Another OutPost in the Global Currency Fight

 Another Outpost Gone Well, well! Just as the Christmas season approaches, it seems a rather big deal on the currency scene has just gone under the radar. For the US was just outmaneuvered in yet another currency deal that has major implications going forward. This deal wasn’t a surprise to those who’ve been paying attention, but […]

Stackers Race Toward 2015’s Finish Line with a List of New Records!

2015 Wraps Up This week we take a step back, and look at the compelling, record-breaking year that 2015 has been for precious metals. Specifically, we scrutinize: How high the new record number was for the US Mint in Silver Eagle sales… The stunning amount of total silver coin, round, & bar demand we reached… […]

New Cracks Appear: Time is Running Out for a Cornered Federal Reserve

Fed Panic Brothers, a few weeks ago the Fed held a closed-door, emergency meeting. I’d written about this meeting just before it happened, but wasn’t able to immediately follow up on it with what was likely discussed.  I’d like to take a moment today to go over what they likely dealt with, because it speaks volumes […]