The Sinister EU Plot to Assassinate Greek Sovereignty

    The New Normal In a week where “glitches” froze all Dow Jones securities trading for roughly 2/3 of an entire trading day, and Beijing pointlessly kept clamping down on anyone suddenly wishing to extricate their capital from perhaps the most short-term, over-bought stock market index on the planet…things in Greece have continued to go from […]

Here’s Why Silver is Being Napalmed Right Now

  Carpet Bombing This week friends, we take a careful look at the carnage that’s transpiring in silver right now. We discuss: One minor prediction I recently made which was incorrect… Another correct prediction which has helped make this all transpire… How a stock market meltdown in Asia may also be contributing to this… The real bank […]

The Currency Bloc of Half a Billion Europeans Now Hangs in the Balance!

The People Had Their Say July is turning out to be simply stunning! Let’s see, in a short space of time: Syriza called a referendum, Greece defaulted on a 1.7 billion Euro payment to the IMF, and now the Greek people, in an overwhelming statement to their creditors have said, “OXI!”…and just think, all this occurred in little more […]

Will the Banksters use their “Ultimate Weapon” to Break Greek Resistance?

  Scorched Earth This week we’ll take a closer look at the showdown between Athens and Brussels.  We examine: The actual text and implications of the referendum(whether it happens or not)… What’s really going on in the minds of the Troika… The strategy of Brussels in this showdown… Whether or not the Troika will use […]

“Greek Fire” Contagion Spreads Through Europe

Syriza Lights the Molotov Cocktail Well, brothers, it has finally begun.  The moment that all of us “crazy” stackers have been stacking silver for in the first place, has now arrived: the beginning of the end of Bretton Woods II, is upon us.  For the Greek referendum(which I predicted over 6 weeks ago) has now been announced, […]