Glencore’s Crash is Latest Evidence the Bankster’s Rigging Scheme is Crumbling

  Self-Sustained Wounds This week we take a look at the market event which has shocked equity markets and investors.  We take a careful look at the world’s largest commodity trading company, Glencore.  We look at: What is causing Glencore’s worsening financial troubles… A certain man who formed it, and how he personally helped contribute […]

The City of London is Burning through its Golden Stockpiles

The Rats are Scurrying This week we go into the lair of the Banking Dragon itself: the City of London!  Where all the wyverns and drakes of finance are busy incinerating the hopes and dreams of innocent people all over the world, through criminal cunning, and evil genius… However, their time is running out.  Here’s […]

World Gold Demand is Off to the Races, as Yellen Chickens Out

Vote of No Confidence As Greece concludes its meaningless elections, and sends the same powerless “yes-men” back to Athens to rubber stamp whatever schemes of dispossession that Dijsselbloem has crafted for the Greek people, the rest of the world continues to cast the only vote that matters!  For since June, the already high levels of gold […]

Indian Silver Demand is Now Causing a Global, Tectonic Shift

  The Earth is About to Move Under Your Feet This week we take a renewed look at the unbelievable demand for gold and silver around the world. We discuss: What started this intense, global silver and gold demand earlier this year… Why China hasn’t stood for major delivery on the Comex for gold(or silver)… What […]

The Firing Line between East and West is now Red Hot

The Firing Line is Hot Hello brothers, this week we take a look at a very concerning series of monetary and geopolitical events.  We examine: The monetary shots that China has fired at the Western Banksters… The rate of China’s treasury dump versus Russia’s, and why the Fed is likely very worried about it…  The […]