Turkey Now Risking All-Out War with Russia to Protect ISIS

  Escalation is Here In the roughly 9 weeks that Russia has been pulverizing ISIS/Daesh/Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra into tiny bits, so much good has been accomplished already. Russian air support has done such a thorough job of smashing ISIS’s supply lines, IED factories, munitions depots, & infrastructure…that Assad’s Syrian Army(plus Hezbollah) had made significant territorial gains in just […]

Stunning New Silver Report to Keep in Mind as Banksters Bring Down the Hammer

The Great Silver Bleed Continues… This week we take a look at a hot new report released about silver’s supply & demand in 2015.  It was just put out, and contains incredible data.  We’ll take a thorough look at it, and discuss: The size of the silver deficit that we’ll see in 2015… The amount amount […]

This Mega-Bank is Preparing to Launch its Own Bitcoin Competitor

  This week we take an in-depth look at the fast-approaching trend of cash/payments, what forms it’s taking, and who is trying to win the war for what that future will look like. Specifically we discuss: The mega-bank creating what they hope will be “Bitcoin’s competitor” … What that technology actually is(it’s not a blockchain), […]