Something VERY Interesting is Brewing in Comex Silver

  Stackers Fight On Stackers have endured a long, hot summer of attacks upon silver.  Yet, despite that fact, they’ve doubled down on their retail silver buying as of late, and have absolutely refused to quit. The numbers bear it out. Earlier this month, I covered how India has already imported perhaps as much as 100 million […]

Need a Good Laugh? Check Out This Bank’s “Solution” for Athens’ Debt Problem!

Spreading Panic As things continue to spiral in Greece, markets have begun to really take notice as of late.  With the government in Athens continuing to hold the line on not cutting into Greek pensions(at least, so far), it seems that the Troika has seriously upped its threats to the tiny country. For those who’ve been […]

Another Vital Chokepoint Just Slipped Through DC’s Fingers

DC Loses Another Fight For years, Washington has experienced what is basically an exclusively domineering position on the world scene. Since the end of the second World War, the United States government has grown quite accustomed to imposing its will upon the lives of billions of people.  During that stretch of time, most world governments have basically […]