Robert Pattinson motivational speaker? Watch out for Fanatic Fans

Ashley Greene Says Fans Chase Robert Pattinson Down the Street

May. 2

Wow! Some fans are a little bit too crazy!

People are chasing him down the street, Ashley Greene says about the fanatic fans of her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson. The Alice Cullen depicter then goes on revealing that once those fans even made it difficult for the British heartthrob to just meet and hang out with his friends.

Me and Rachelle [Lefevre] were sitting at a bar waiting for Rob and were texting him Were gonna leave. You’re taking too long, the actress recalls. And he comes in with his hood on and his eyes he just looked so terrified! We were like Do you need a drink or something, are you OK? And he was like They were at every entrance of my hotel and they chased me down alleyways.

Speaking further about Robert, Ashley confirms the hunk currently is dating no one. She, furthermore, pours cold water on rumors of him dating on-screen lover Kristen Stewart. Does nobody know that Kristen has a boyfriend? She has a boyfriend. They have such amazing chemistry on film that everyone wants it to be real in real life. Kristen is madly in love with her boyfriend Michael [Angarano], Ashley insists.

Most recently, Robert Pattinson himself was also quoted as telling Moviefone in an interview that he sometimes finds his fame quite stressful, adding now that he becomes famous he often finds it difficult to even leave a hotel.

Robert Pattinson at one point said FAME RUINED MY LOVE LIFE

Apr. 25

How sweet! Robert is so considerate. But I doubt he’d ruin his girlfriend’s life! Just make it a million times better!

Pattinson says the constant interest in his life has made him a paranoid wreck, reports Contactmusic .

He admits to Entertainment Tonight , Im always really worried about ruining their (girlfriends) lives.

Especially with people that aren’t famous. Its such a massive change. I’m kind of a paranoid wreck.

Its getting photographed. You have people who analyse your facial expressions to the tiniest degree.

“So you’re just trying to avoid getting photographed. You’re like, Jesus, you can’t win.”

Robert Apparently almost charmed Kristen Stewart well at least that is what the rumor was several years ago.

In Twilight, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had so much chemistry on screen that many think their torrid love affair did not end when the director yelled cut. However, Stewart insists that she and Pattinson are no real-life Edward and Bella.

It’s just totally false Rob and I are good friends, she told Nylon. We went through alot together, so we feel very close. But if we go out in public, every little detail is scrutinized, like the way I stand next to him.

She explained that although they aren’t dating, they do share a certain camaraderie. And its, like, I know this guy really f’ing well, she said. Its only natural that were sort of leaning on each other, because were put in the most fing psychotic situations.

Since Pattinson isn’t her paramour, Stewart did say that there is one awesome guy in her life. Hes older than me — hes 20 now — but when you’re 13 and hes turning 16, it was always sort of an out-of-reach thing, she explained about her relationship with actor Michael Angarano. Then you get a little older, and you realize, Oh, What the f am I thinking? I can have you, like, lickity.

The attention paid to her dating life is only one of the prices Stewart has had to pay since joining the world of Twilight. And she said that the situation can be quite psychotic at times.

Anywhere wed go for Twilight was a psychotic situation. The sound was deafening, and it’s thoughtless, as well, she said. You get a slew of all these bullsh questions, like, What’s it like to kiss a vampire? and How much do you love Robert? Then you’ll get one that’s actually real, but you’re like, No, I can’t right now, I can’t even consider [it].

One of those particular moments was caught on tape: her painfully awkward appearance on Late Night with David Letterman. I feel like I have nothing to say on those shows I’m not good at the funny thing — most people are really great on those shows, she explained. I don’t have a contrived personality that [I can] just pump out [for] a five-minute segment, so I end up sitting there and looking kind of baffled. Embarrassing.

As the star of a hugely successful teen vampire flick, you’d expect a bit more attention these days. Especially from young fans partial to a bit of black lipstick. But perhaps Robert Pattinson wasn’t banking on quite such a high profile admirer.

The Twilight star will be shutting all his windows and doors after learning that Courtney Love is desperate to get him together with her daughter, Frances Bean.

A friend revealed over the weekend, ‘Courtney thinks he’s charming and handsome and absolutely has to be Frances’s first date. She’s doing everything she can to engineer another meeting.’

Frances Bean is not only the lovechild of rock’s craziest lady and late legend Kurt Cobain – which is enough to scare anyone – but she’s also 16, while Rob is 22.

Run Rob, while you still can!

Robert Pattinson has said if his career as a teen heartthrob actor doesn’t work out, he’s going to try his hand at being a rock star instead.

The Twilight star told the Los Angeles Times recently: “Music is my back-up plan if acting fails. I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket.”

Two of Robert’s tracks were included on the soundtrack for the hit teen vampire movie but he insists he wasn’t piggy back off the film’s success: “That’s what I was scared about [people thinking that], it looks like I’m trying to get a music career out of it or something.

“I’m not going to be doing any music videos or anything.”

So maybe music is his backup option and not motivational speaking. Although we think he would be good at it.  With his Huge base of fans he can pretty much do whatever he wants!