Delta Air Lines (DAL) Stock: What to Expect from the Company?

The coronavirus pandemic was hard on the travel and tourism sector. The overseas travel stopped for a certain period and has yet not been activated with full force everywhere. The companies associated with the airline sector suffered a great deal of loss due to the arrival of this much unexpected period. Things have now normalized to a great extent and there is a hope that soon better times will come for these companies.

Vaccines: Good News for the Airline Companies?

Pfizer and Moderna were the first two companies whose vaccines got approved and came into use. Later, Johnson & Johnson also came up with its vaccine along with AstraZeneca whose vaccine also showed positive results. With a handful of companies showing good results with their vaccines, it somewhat gives hope that soon, the world will be able to get rid of this pandemic and everything will be completely normalized once again.

This comes up as a ray of hope and very good news for the travel sector and the airline firms are now hoping that the year 2021 becomes the year of recovery of all their losses. If the companies can cover up their losses, then by the next year, these firms will be able to stand out well once again. Similar is the case when it comes to Delta Air Lines. The firm went through a very hard time in the last year due to the pandemic and now, this year, the firm hopes that it will be able to recover its losses and re-establish itself once again well in the industry.

Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL): Current Statistics and Figures of the Company

  • 52 Week Range: $17.51 – $59.47
  • Average Volume: 13,385,650
  • Market Capital: $28.328B
  • Forward Dividend and Yield: N/A (N/A)

An Investment in the Company Right Now: A Risky Move

The company is all set on the track of recovery but is risky to invest in the firm right now because of the risks involved. The pandemic showed up most unexpectedly and now, the recovery however is evident because of the effective vaccines, yet the company does not become very reliable until some more time.

For the time being, it would be best if the shareholders do not invest in Delta Air Lines stock because it is not sure that it will be able to bear profits since the company would first work towards its recovery but a long-term investment is a considerable option. The company, once it restores itself, would again become profitable and then, an investment would give out some good profits. Therefore, only a long-term investment sounds like a fine option if one has to invest in DAL right now. The better of the two is that the investors wait for some time and track the progress of the company, then go for investment in the firm if the results are good.

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