Georgia’s Fate: What Result will the Recount bring?

It is highly speculative as to who will emerge out as the winner in the state of Georgia. While President Donald Trump has not yet completely come to terms with his defeat this time, he also claims the results of Georgia to be false. According to Donald Trump, the whole election process is a complete scam. In the Peach state, for the first time in 28 years, the Democratic Party has won. Now, Trump has his eyes on the election results of Georgia. He did not accept his defeat in the state of Georgia and has gone for a recount of the votes even though it is quite clear that the result will be in favor of the Democratic Party, i.e. Joe Biden.

The Corona Virus Pandemic and the Elections

America has seen more than 250,000 deaths due to coronavirus infections. The handling of the pandemic in the state has somewhat led to this defeat of the Republican Party there. Public health was hardly mentioned in Georgia. The vaccine has made progress but its distribution and the control of the disease is still exploratory. Mike Pence, the current Vice President of the United States has however predicted that they will be able to distribute over 40 million vaccines across the whole of America by the year’s end.

The Democratic Party is currently focusing on the discussions related to the Corona Virus Pandemic and its handling in the United States along with the fall in the economy. The economic sector had to suffer a lot during this time when the pandemic was at its peak. Even now, the cases are rising and therefore, a vaccine is required. The distribution of the vaccine and how the cases will take a turn after that will show the further situation of the pandemic. This will simultaneously affect the economy of the nation.

While Donald Trump avoided talks related to the Corona Virus Pandemic during his campaign for the elections, Joe Biden and the Democratic Party as a whole is taking a lead to discuss the public health and all the sectors affected due to this pandemic. Therefore, a second count of the votes will also most probably show a similar result i.e. in favor of the Democratic Party.

 November Result of Georgia State

 In the case of Georgia, even though the November result showed the victory of the Democratic Party, but there was a very less difference in the margin by which the party had won. A total of 5 million votes were cast in this state and the Democratic Party defeated the Republican Party by around less than 13,000 votes. Therefore, in the second round of counting, even though it is expected that the result will come out to be the same, yet nothing is completely clear because the difference is very less. Therefore, we have to wait to see the final result in the state of Georgia.

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