Melania Trump in talks to write her White House Memoir

As per the reports by Page Six, Melania Trump is planning and taking meetings for writing down a memoir regarding the time she spent in the White House during her term as the First Lady of the United States. After leaving the White House on 20th January 2021, Melania, then the former First Lady of the United States will most probably live in Donald Trump’s resort Mar-A-Lago in Florida as her permanent residence.

She, however, does not wish to leave her present residence, the White House just like that, and for that, she will write her White House memoir. Donald Trump is likely by her side in this case and supporting her for the same.

Melania Trump’s memoir would come up as a successor to the book (“Melania & Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship With the First Lady”) written by her former senior adviser and friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff as a tell-all memoir. This memoir did not reveal a very good image of the First Lady and her relations with Stephanie Winston Wolkoff via some conversations between them. However, the First Lady indirectly claimed in an essay released on the official website that she hardly knew Stephanie to subside the controversy that arose.

Why is a memoir important for her?

Melania Trump likely does not wish to leave the White House so quietly and just like her husband Donald Trump, wishes to pen down her memoir. This tell-all memoir would tell about the time she spent in the White House and everything about her. It would also serve as an opportunity for her for earning her own. However, Donald Trump’s memoir could also turn out to be problematic for the publishers and quite certainly, cause gain in the financial sector.

This book would also come up as the story of her side after the controversial memoir of Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. As compared to Donald Trump’s memoir, Melania’s memoir could turn out to be more successful in the case of sales.

Donald Trump has not completely accepted his defeat in these elections and is accusing various sectors and even claims the vote counts to be incorrect. Even though it is totally clear that Joe Biden is all set to become the 46th President of the United States and the public has better hopes from the Democratic Party yet Donald Trump is trying to leave no stone unturned in the present situation.

It is yet to be officially confirmed by Melania Trump herself about the memoir and what would be the effect of these memoirs on the public. The pandemic has also played its role in these elections and there have been instances when Donald Trump swayed away completely from the topic of the pandemic. The Democratic Party on the other hand is keen on discussing the same. How the future will take a turn and what will happen in the future, it would be quite interesting to see.

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