NFL’s Strict Protocol and Thanksgiving Schedule amidst Covid-19

 NFL has already announced the strict protocol that the teams have to follow while the league goes on. The time of thanksgiving always gives a football break and this time also, even amid this global pandemic, the NFL is going on with all the necessary precautions.

NFL Protocol due to Covid-19 for the League

 NFL at its end has tried to observe all the important measures for the team so that the virus does not spread. All the 32 teams have to follow the protocol as mentioned. The players and coaches of the teams had to show negative reports of the Covid-19 test to obtain entry. Everyone must wear proper masks and the players should try to avoid the use of lockers regularly. However, the players can use the lockers on the day of the game. The teams should conduct the meetings in a virtual format unless the presence is otherwise required.

The virus is bothering the league despite the safety norms being brought into practice. Players have tested positive for the coronavirus and this is a bothering issue, especially for the players who were in close contact with the ones whose reports came out to be positive. NFL is trying its best to limit the physical contact between the players as much as possible so that the virus stops spreading. If it does not, hindrances in the game schedule are bound to happen. To avoid such an instance, the NFL had introduced the guidelines and protocol for the players, coaches, and everyone else associated.

The Thanksgiving Schedule

There was a small change in the plan of the game that was scheduled for conductance on Thanksgiving Day. The AFC North matchup has got postponed to Sunday owing to the Covid-19 situation and some concerns associated with it. Therefore, the scheduled matchups for Thanksgiving were between the Houston Texans and the Detroit Lions and the next between the Washington Football Team and the Dallas Cowboys.

Amongst the matchup between the Houston Texans and the Detroit Lions, the Houston Texans emerged victorious while the Washington Football Team won against the Dallas Cowboys.

The next matches are scheduled on 29th November 27, 2020, and if the Covid-19 situation stays in control, the further schedule will be followed as decided.

Covid-19 Pandemic and further Matches

There have been hardly any disturbances and none of the matches got canceled because of the pandemic. Since the players have tested positive for the coronavirus and the pandemic is not subsiding, there might be some changes in the schedule. Till now, the functioning is going on smoothly but the spread of the disease needs to slow down to a great extent.

There was a change when the AFC North matchup got postponed to Sunday due to the concerns related to the Corona Virus Pandemic and more such changes might come up in the future. The protocols have to be followed with more strictness to curb the spread of the virus amongst the players.

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