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Level II Software Investing Tools Will Change The Way You Trade


Using Stock Market Level II Data To Time Your Penny Stock Trade

Level II Software Investing tools use NASDAQ Level 2 Quotes to time entry and exit points for your trades.

How Does Level II Data Help Me Trade?

Basically, Level 1 data tells you the best Bid and Ask price of a given stock, and includes the current price per share, and volume traded. This information is fine for a snapshot of where your stock is currently trading.

But to effectively judge the direction a stock price may be moving, NASDAQ Level 2 Quotes are necessary. Level II software investing tools study the Bid and Ask prices in-depth. That is, using Level 2 data, you are able to see the market makers and their order sizes beyond the Level 1 picture.

By the way, I am not compensated by Bloomfield Investment Club in any way. but, they seem to offer a good Level II package at a fair price.

For example, NITE may be the best inside Ask for a stock with a size of 5,000 and price of .05, while just above it is ARCA with an Ask size of 10,000 and price of .06.

Over on the Bid side, HDSN may be trying to buy 50,000 shares at a price of .045, and beneath that, DOMS may have a Bid in for 50,000 shares at .04.

Level II software investing programs would look at this Bid/Ask structure and determine that Bid support is huge compared to an apparent thin wall on the Ask. Given this, the stock trade software may signal a buy order.

Keep in mind that “size” does not always translate to an exact number of shares. In the penny market, NASDAQ Level 2 Quotes sizes tend to max out the size system. A quoted size of 5,000, may actually represent 500,000, or even 1 million.

Black Box Warning

Like any stock trade system, Level II software investing systems depend on trends and previous stock price behavior based on historical data. As traders, we all know that past performance does not guarantee future results. So, while the software may give you a buy signal, you still need to use your judgment, based on current events and your research, to determine your entry and exit points.

There are numerous places to obtain NASDAQ Level 2 Quotes, but you’ll have to pay for the access to real time data feeds. If you are happy with a 20 minute delay in your data, and want to test drive Level 2 Quotes.

In my opinion, delayed quotes are fine for casual trading. But to effectively use day trading, swing trading, or momentum trading strategies, you need real time quotes.

Where To Find Level II Software Investing Tools

Here are the links to several companies that may be able to help you out. I am not affiliated with any of these, and merely list them as a convenience for you. You could also conduct a search to find more alternatives.

The services these companies offer is above and beyond basic NASDAQ Level 2 Quotes services. Also, important note: if you plan to trade the penny markets, make sure their quote or trade alert service covers the OTCBB and Penny Stocks markets. Many do not.

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Three Penny Stocks to Watch archive f

Three Penny Stocks to Watch in the Second Half

Penny Stocks is a perfect way of starting trade for new investors who are seeking to expand their hard earned money while staying on the safer side amid their low price per share. Penny stocks usually trade under $1 per share but some analysts consider all those stocks as penny stocks that are trading under $5 per share. Unlike large-caps that have significantly higher per share prices, penny stocks do not require large capital.

Nevertheless, investing in penny stocks and making profits from your trades require some investing experience and keen eye on the global business activities. Irresponsible risk management could result in big losses in a very shorter period of time. Once you took a position in any company with bleak future fundamentals and low liquidity position, the chance of losing money are greater than generating profits from that trade.

On the other hand, when you used the right strategy and timing of investing in any particular penny stock, the chance for wining are higher. It is also equally important for new investors and beginners to predict the exit point for penny stocks to comfortably capitalize on recent gains. Below, I’ll take a look at few penny stocks that have strong upside potential in the coming days and have had posted significant profits in the last couple of quarters.

Golden Minerals Co. (AUMN) engages in the mining of silver and gold bars, lead, precipitates zinc, and pyrite concentrates. The company’s market capitalization is standing around 74.34 million and its trading volume is around 919,125 shares.

Mining companies are always cyclical in nature and they have offer a lot of room for traders to make profits. Share price movement and financial performance of mining penny stocks are directly correlated with the commodity prices. If investor has some hold on precious metals and commodities, they can easily make profits from its investments in mining stock.

Golden Minerals share price soared nearly 365% since the start of this year, a significant price appreciation for any company and its share holders. This clearly means that if someone had invested in Golden Minerals at the beginning of this year, their initial investment have increased 365%. Falling crude oil prices, volatility in the stock market, stable interest rates and supply and demand dynamics are key drivers for significant price rally. New traders always need to look at these drivers if they are planning to invest in mining related stocks.

Despite the significant share price rally, Golden Minerals share price have further upside potential moving forward. Crude oil prices are unlikely to rebound in the near-term and global economic environment is expected to remain week, which could move investors towards safe heaven assets and mining stocks. Therefore, Keep Golden minerals at your watch list.

Sirius XM Holdings (SIRI) is among those penny stocks that have generated significant revenue and earnings growth in the last couple of years on the back of its innovative strategies. It provides satellite radio broadcasting services including free music, news and comedy, premier sports, entertainment and key events and wide range of other programs.

Five years back, Sirius XM was only trading around 1.50 per share. This penny stock surged nearly 125% in the last five years and nearly going to become a small cap-stock. Some penny stocks with strong business fundamentals have potential to turn their status as a small-cap stock from a penny stock.

The company’s future fundamentals are strong as the company has recently beaten analyst estimated for both earnings and revenue for the second quarter of this year. Its revenues surged nearly 10%, while EBITDA increased almost 13% compared with the same period of last year. With the growth in earnings, its cash generating potential has also been expanding year over year. Therefore, buying and keeping this penny stock on the watch list could result in healthy gains.

Plug Power, Inc. (PLUG) offers alternative energy technology, particularly focusing on the design and development of fuel cell systems for the industrial off-road market. Plug Powers share price declined in the last few months amid slow off-road market. However, this penny stock is presenting a perfect case of buying low and selling high. Its stock price is currently trading around $1.71 per share, significantly lower from 52-week high of 2.52 per share.

The company’s future fundamentals are strong and its share price has significant upside potential. Recently, the company has beaten analysts earnings estimate by 0.02 per share for the second quarter of this year. In addition, the company’s revenue of 37.9 million increased 59% compared with the same period of last year. New investors must add this penny stock on their watch list, as this company has substantial upside potential considering its revenue and earnings growth.


New investors can make big profits by investing in penny stocks by using timely and right strategies. If investors want to make profits from its trades, they need to have a keen eye on the company’s future performance and business fundamentals. Those penny stocks that have strong business models and potential to generate a sustainable growth should be on new investors watch list.


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Buy penny stocks

How to Buy Best Penny Stocks while Avoiding Risks

Penny stocks are small-cap organizations that exchange outside the real trades like NYSE or NASDAQ. They are exchanged over the counter and are additionally called OTC or small scale top stocks.

Penny stocks fall into the high hazard class of speculations as a result of the numerous dangers associated with them. These incorporate constrained liquidity, absence of money related reporting, simplicity of control and extortion. A number of the spam messages individuals get discuss these stocks as a beyond any doubt fire speculation with ensured overnight returns. This is not valid; truly putting resources into these stocks requires extremely cautious arranging and devoted exploration. The different dangers included are plot beneath.

• Incomplete data. Data identified with small scale stocks is constantly harder to discover. This is on account of the penny stocks are for organizations that are recorded on pink sheets. This implies they are not required to document with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They are not open to people in general for investigation and are not managed. It is additionally exceptionally hard to confirm the believability of these stocks.

• Lack of a record of past execution. For any stock venture, it is basic to mind the past execution of the stock. Be that as it may, on account of smaller scale stocks, the history accessible is verging on unimportant. This is on account of they are by and large offered by organizations drawing closer insolvency or which are new to the business sector. In this manner, there is an enormous danger in putting resources into a stock that has no believable history.

• Liquidity. Penny stocks don’t manage positioning securities exchanges. Rather they are exchanged over the counter and are in this manner alluded to as OTC ventures. Managing does not happen as often as possible so if a need emerges to discard the stocks, it is hard to discover purchasers for them. On the off chance that you can’t offer the stock you are left with minimal decision other than to bring down the costs until you find reasonable purchaser. A low liquidity level likewise allows traders to control stock price.

• No base gauges. Stocks recorded on the pink sheet and the OTCBB don’t need to satisfy certain standard least prerequisites to stay on the trade. This is an impediment for some financial specialists who purposely pay special mind to the base benchmarks that go about as a well being
Notwithstanding, penny stocks can give great returns over the long haul if watchful research and arranging has been done before purchasing them. They can be exceptionally productive on the off chance that you realize what you are doing and you know enough to keep away from the pitfalls. Counseling a specialist in the exchange before settling on a choice is fitting. You will likewise discover numerous instruments and administrations offered for brokers of these stocks that help you get the most extreme advantage out of your speculation. Joining with a full administration online broker is a smart thought.
How to Find Strong Buy Penny Stocks

In the event that you happen to be new investor in the stock exchange, you might request that yourself how find solid purchase penny stocks. This is an inquiry most new financial specialist’s battle with as they are finding out about how to put resources into penny stocks. There is a considerable measure of data out there that can both help and confound you, so it is critical to look in the right places to discover great, strong proposals.
There are two essential ways you can find out about where to discover great penny stock tips. You can either take every necessary step yourself, or you can pay somebody to do it for you. This choice will in all likelihood be affected by the amount of time you need to commit to taking in the ropes of penny stock exchanging. On the off chance that you are a bustling individual, you ought to most likely have another person help you with this training.
On the off chance that you get the assistance of another person, there are a few ways you can do as such. To begin with, you can subscribe to an online site or bulletin that can do a few things for you, similar to instruction.

You could rather pay an authorized money related counsel to suggest their decisions for you. Frequently individuals are frightful of utilizing counselors on account of the expense, yet numerous guides essentially charge a preparing charge for every exchange, so you are profiting from their insight and capacity to nearly screen money markets throughout the day. Different consultants may simply charge a little commission rate in light of your profit, which causes them to be monetarily vested in making the correct suggestions to you as the customer.
Your other alternative is self-study. This takes a considerable measure of time a control. You need to learn all that you can about penny stocks, exchanging, and how to rapidly purchase and offer your stocks to secure yourself. On the off chance that you delay for even a minute you may miss the chance to purchase at an aggressive price, or you may miss the chance to sell something that is failing. You can contemplate by essentially perusing as much as you can on the point.

Look Into High Volume Penny Stocks

Not all penny stocks are high volume, but rather on the off chance that you know which ones are and which ones are not it can help you to pick which stocks to put resources into. High volume penny stocks are those that are getting a charge out of a substantial number of exchanges over a timeframe.

If you thought penny stocks were all about speculative investing you would have been right. But as you can see, we can gain good clues about where to put our money by watching out for high volume penny stocks.

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buying penny stocks archive c-e

There are other names for a penny stock: a micro cap stock or a nano stock. How does an investor buy penny stocks, what is the procedure that one can follow in order to invest in penny stocks? These are the 2 most frequent questions asked by investors who want to start trading.

Recommendations on the various websites by traders and agents, who are engaged in doing research of the companies offering penny stocks is a must read. At least the information is available, how far it is true and applicable to your needs is your decision.

Try out the various investing methods available on the internet. It is meant for beginners and shows you step by step how to make decisions on trading. Newsletters are available and some websites of traders offer a membership with a fee, to which you can subscribe. After all you need to invest some money too to get massive returns.

When you are buying penny stocks for the first time, start low, start with only about 10% of your money. You can buy penny stocks online on some brokerage sites or you can divert your funds through a stock broker, who will naturally advise you what to buy, when to buy, how much to buy and when to sell. Penny stocks are traded in the over-the counter-market. There is a middle-man or a broker who trades the stock representing the investor. A transaction is arranged between the investor and a third party, and the broker then encashes the commission for his brokerage. The trick is to learn when to sell the stocks and for each company the gains and the losses each day are different, so there is no set formula for selling them. Some penny stock exchanges guarantee no loss, but again that is for you to check and risk for yourself.

Very often the broker does not charge a commission, but he makes money on each transaction by buying and selling stocks at the correct time. This is known as the ‘spread’. It is a term used in the penny stock market meaning the difference between the bid and the ask price. This can be anything between 30-100%, and the broker profits from the spread because he may have risked holding the penny account himself and then sold it at an advantageous time. So the risk of the investor also rises, that is why one has to be very careful about choosing a good broker, because there are many frauds in the market. The buying and selling of penny stocks is not simple and there is a lot of money involved too, but most small companies still have them to generate funds, especially if they are new.

So which are the best type of penny stocks to buy?  We took some votes and asked 1,000 penny stock traders which they preferred. Here were the results.

Marijuana stocks       received   420 votes ironically

Oil Stocks    received   230 votes

Biotech Stocks      received  120 votes

Gold Stocks   received 110 votes

Alter Energy Stock   received   90  votes

Food and Beverage Stocks   received  50 votes


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Penny stock Archive A-B

We all want to find hot penny stocks and investment that can turn our $.10 per share and $1 per share, with 100,000 shares, or whatever your actual numbers might be. But let’s face it, it’s not that easy to pick these. Some say there’s a better chance of profiting picking off the dart board than all the educated speculations. Others are more optimistic, and swear by software aided selection systems or obscure government filings to tip off some potential changes in the company.
If you are open minded, and are willing to study and research a investment strategy, I believe you can get the feel of how to do it, and consistently make the right moves versus the wrong moves. A big part of investing successfully is to not let your emotions get in the way, and to go with preset disciplines and principles.
I too, am weary of over-hyped promises out there for this system or that system, but at the end of the day, they all can provide some value. You simply have to find a investing system that your personality/emotions can handle, an one that works when you do it with good discipline.
For example, a super effective penny stock trading system that is fast paced and keeps you on the edge of your seats for the entire day, may not be the style for you if you are not into that adrenaline rush. As a matter of fact, you might make tons of mistakes you may never recover from.
On the other hand, a long-term, sure-bet investment that may take a year to profit may not be right for you, because your preference is fast paced, in and out investing style. You get the picture.
To find the best style or system for yourself, simply try out a few systems, and actually test them out during the trial period, and once you get the hang of them and pick one you like, return the ones you don’t like as most legitimate systems offer some kind of money back guarantee, so you can’t lose. Good luck and I hope to see you on the other side!

Another thing to take a look at is what type of penny stocks are currently hot. For the last couple years Marijuana stocks have been very hot.  There were also times when Gold stock and Oil stock was very popular.  Biotech stocks usually get popular during winter months. So always be ready to spot trends.

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VPCO – Vapor Corp. what are the insiders saying?

What Insiders Say About Vapor Corp

Vapor Corp. (OTC:VPCO) stock is currently trading at about $0.00 and lots of rating firms seem to have a target price set on the stock. The median 12-month price target of 1 analysts covering the company is $6.00, which suggests the stock could still gain more than 100 percent.

The highest analyst price target is $6.00, which implies a gain of 100 percent. And roundups of analyst notes show that 0 are rating the stock a buy while 0 rate VPCO a strong buy. There are 0 equity research firms suggesting a Hold and 0 consider it Sell.

Several executives took part in recent insider activity for the stock. Its 10% Owner MARXE AUSTIN W & GREENHOUSE DA sold 50,000 company shares for $288000, in a transaction on 2014-02-14. Following the transaction, the 10% Owner is left with a stake of 288 shares, currently valued at $0. Meanwhile, Dir of Issuer sole opertng sub Galazan Isaac purchased 0 shares worth $51000.5, through a transaction dated 2013-10-29.

Following the completion of the transaction, the insider is left with a stake of 0 shares, amounting $0. VPCO CFO Press Harlan also purchased 0 shares, at a stock price of $9799804. This transaction occurred on 2013-10-29 totals $159000.46. After this transaction, the insider’s stake stands at 0 shares, with a market value of $0
Insiders own 32.04 percent of the stock. Doron Ziv is one of the largest insider shareholders in Vapor Corp. (OTC:VPCO) , according to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings. The insider owns 7,514,604 shares which have current market value of around $0.Jeffrey Elliot Holman is another major inside shareholder in the company. The insider owns 5,805,548 shares as of 2073.41%, currently worth $0. Isaac Galazan is ranked as third insider holder of the stock. This insider holds 846,302 shares with a market value around $0 as of recent close.

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STEV – Stevia Corp is Looking Strong

Stevia Corp is Looking Strong

Stevia Corp (OTCMKTS:STEV) is exchanging lower in late sessions on developing volume. STEV is a stock with a background marked by huge moves running from well under a dime to $0.339 highs this time a year ago.

On April 20 STEV reported natural chemist and previous MD Anderson Cancer Researcher Dennis Hill has acknowledged a position on Stevia Corp’s. recently framed Advisory Panel. Dennis Hill has separated himself as being one of only a handful few individuals on record on the planet that accomplished finish reduction of growth exclusively using cannabis without traditional tumor treatment, for example, radiation or chemotherapy.

Stevia Corp (OTCMKTS:STEV) is a ranch administration organization and medicinal services organization concentrated on growing very dietary, high esteem items through exclusive plant reproducing, astounding rural approachs and inventive post-reap strategies.
STEV works various divisions in stevia and mechanical hemp and just achieved benefit as indicated by their keep going 10Q documented on November 19.

The energy on stevia is obvious and numerous foresee it is bound to end up the primary road workhorse characteristic high strength sweetener available. Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute separated from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana.

The dynamic mixes of stevia are steviol glycosides, which have up to 150 times the sweetness of sugar is warmth stable, pH-stable, and not fermentable. These steviosides negligibly affect blood glucose, which makes stevia alluring to individuals on sugar controlled weight control plans. Stevia’s taste has a slower onset and longer span than that of sugar, and some of its concentrates may have a biting or licorice-like delayed flavor impression at high fixations.

STEV President George Blankenbaker who has lived in Asia for a considerable length of time initiated the Company’s advancement of high Reb-A Stevia cultivating in Vietnam and in addition secured essential circulation through PureCircle, the industry’s driving stevia refiner.

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SIPC – Sipp Industries is Heading in The Right Direction

Sipp Industries is Heading in The Right Direction

Sipp Industries (SIPC) is a multifaceted corporation with a focus in technology, biotechnology and consumer products. We specialize in the vertical integration of profitable retail and emerging entities to create increased value to our shareholders through synergistic savings in operations.

2016 has, up to this point, been an exceptionally beneficial and transformational year for SIPC. Having at first entered the market as a mass hemp fixing provider to different item producers and nearby Colorado make bottling works, for example, Crazy Mountain Brewing and Ute Pass Brewing Co., Management observed rapidly that the Company was remaining at the edge of a colossal open door. In acknowledgment of the potential market for unmistakably detailed hemp mixed lager, the Company chose to leave on the plan, assembling and conveyance of a restrictive line of hemp and Cannabidiol (CBD) brew.
SIPC’s solid prospect for achievement was found at an effective 4/20 occasion at Ute Pass Brewing Co. where supporters and shareholders inspected five unmistakable assortments of hemp and CBD brew. Subsequent to accepting good audits for its extraordinary taste, auxiliary Major Hemp prepared to decide and execute the best technique to take this activity to the following level, which included collaboration with potential permitting parties, fabricating accomplices, and wholesalers.

Over the past quarter, SIPC has turned out to be acutely mindful of the benefits of elite responsibility for hemp and CBD formulas, trademarks, and discount licenses. By moving to secure the Company’s exclusive rights, Sipp Industries takes full control of its own predetermination as the business extends. As terms are finished with legitimate guidance, Sipp Industries will build up full restrictive rights and control of the Company’s hemp and CBD lager formulas. The Company hopes to have the capacity to make a formal declaration before the month’s over.

SIPC’s auxiliary hemp brew activity point of convergence is the foundation of expanded creation limit. Keeping in mind the end goal to take care of the demand prerequisites of significant brew merchants, the organization must demonstrate it can reliably satisfy expansive requests. Real Hemp President Ted Jorgensen expressed: “In suspicion of the way that we must be set up to take care of a rapidly developing demand, we have been proactive in the hunt down able accomplices. In the wake of talking different prospects, we have chosen a brewer that surpasses the majority of our desires and prerequisites.”

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PUGE – Puget Technologies Has An Interesting Business Model

Puget Technologies Has An Interesting Business Model

Puget Technologies, Inc. (OTC: PUGE) is a development-stage company. The Company is engaged in developing and marketing of consumer-oriented products ready for commercialization. The Company’s subsidiaries include B-29 Energy, Inc. (B-29), which is in the development stage. B-29 is engaged in the business of development and distribution of energy products.

B-29’s products include B-29 Energy Drink and various medical marijuana products, which are under development. B-29 produces these products through its subsidiary, Cannabis Biotech. The Company is also engaged in the development of three dimensional (3D) printing and supporting technologies for My3DP personal printer. The applications of the Company’s products are in various sectors, which include crafting, jewelry and domestic goods.

PUGE recently announces the formation of Cannabis BioTech, through which it is entering the growing medical marijuana industry. Cannabis BioTech is poised to become an emerging front-runner in the cutting-edge field of cannabinoid science.

Cannabis BioTech is in the research and development stages of creating a cannabis (marijuana) derived medicinal product line. These products are intended to deliver the benefits of marijuana without the need to smoke or inhale it.

President and CEO of PUGE Ron Leyland said, “We are pleased to complete the establishment of Cannabis BioTech. We are confident our new subsidiary will fill a void in this rapidly increasing market among many medical marijuana license holders who have no desire to ‘smoke pot.’” He added, “Patients will feel comfortable using our products because great care will be taken to determine proper dosages and protocols, ensuring strict quality standards.”
According to The Wall Street Street Journal MarketWatch, many analysts expect the $1.7 billion U.S. medical marijuana market to quadruple in size during the next five years.

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NOVUS ACQ and DEV Is Moving Forward

NOVUS ACQ and DEV (OTCMKTS:NDEV) is a smaller scale top name that has seized the consideration of dealers amid the stock’s sharp rising. The move comes in the wake of news that the organization, which trumpets itself as “country’s first medicinal services protection transporter in the restorative cannabis field”, has finished its scope impression for California, undoubtedly its biggest and most imperative market.

Late activity has seen somewhat under 360% added to share estimations of the posting over the previous month of activity. This is symbolic of the stock. Shares of NDEV stock have prove sudden upward instability on numerous earlier events. Likewise, the name has seen a pop in enthusiasm, as exchange volume levels have as of late pushed somewhat more than 330% over the normal volume levels in play in this stock over the more extended term.

This is especially essential with a buoy in play that is tight — under 14M shares. It’s something the veterans know to key on: inclining exchanging movement can overpower accessible supply in a stock with this kind of little buoy, prompting to an upward burst in costs, pretty much as we have been seeing generally.

NDEV charges itself as a supplier of restorative arranges and related projects for hemp and cannabis patients in the United States.

NDEV ‘s protection arrange additionally covers doctor visits, dental, lasik, hearing, diabetic supplies, lab administrations, remedies, and other integrative drugs. Furthermore, it gives protection arranges that cover general obligation, business auto ruck, laborers pay, property, umbrella, abundance risk, ecological, mistakes and oversights, and others, and in addition offers strength line of protection items.

Novus Acquisition and Development Corp. offers its items through operators and computerized advertisers.

The organization was some time ago referred to as previously known as BrandQuest Development Group, Inc. furthermore, changed its name to Novus Acquisition and Development Corp. in April 2009. Novus Acquisition and Development Corp. was established in 1996 and is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

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