PUGE – Puget Technologies Has An Interesting Business Model

Puget Technologies Has An Interesting Business Model

Puget Technologies, Inc. (OTC: PUGE) is a development-stage company. The Company is engaged in developing and marketing of consumer-oriented products ready for commercialization. The Company’s subsidiaries include B-29 Energy, Inc. (B-29), which is in the development stage. B-29 is engaged in the business of development and distribution of energy products.

B-29’s products include B-29 Energy Drink and various medical marijuana products, which are under development. B-29 produces these products through its subsidiary, Cannabis Biotech. The Company is also engaged in the development of three dimensional (3D) printing and supporting technologies for My3DP personal printer. The applications of the Company’s products are in various sectors, which include crafting, jewelry and domestic goods.

PUGE recently announces the formation of Cannabis BioTech, through which it is entering the growing medical marijuana industry. Cannabis BioTech is poised to become an emerging front-runner in the cutting-edge field of cannabinoid science.

Cannabis BioTech is in the research and development stages of creating a cannabis (marijuana) derived medicinal product line. These products are intended to deliver the benefits of marijuana without the need to smoke or inhale it.

President and CEO of PUGE Ron Leyland said, “We are pleased to complete the establishment of Cannabis BioTech. We are confident our new subsidiary will fill a void in this rapidly increasing market among many medical marijuana license holders who have no desire to ‘smoke pot.’” He added, “Patients will feel comfortable using our products because great care will be taken to determine proper dosages and protocols, ensuring strict quality standards.”
According to The Wall Street Street Journal MarketWatch, many analysts expect the $1.7 billion U.S. medical marijuana market to quadruple in size during the next five years.

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NOVUS ACQ and DEV Is Moving Forward

NOVUS ACQ and DEV (OTCMKTS:NDEV) is a smaller scale top name that has seized the consideration of dealers amid the stock’s sharp rising. The move comes in the wake of news that the organization, which trumpets itself as “country’s first medicinal services protection transporter in the restorative cannabis field”, has finished its scope impression for California, undoubtedly its biggest and most imperative market.

Late activity has seen somewhat under 360% added to share estimations of the posting over the previous month of activity. This is symbolic of the stock. Shares of NDEV stock have prove sudden upward instability on numerous earlier events. Likewise, the name has seen a pop in enthusiasm, as exchange volume levels have as of late pushed somewhat more than 330% over the normal volume levels in play in this stock over the more extended term.

This is especially essential with a buoy in play that is tight — under 14M shares. It’s something the veterans know to key on: inclining exchanging movement can overpower accessible supply in a stock with this kind of little buoy, prompting to an upward burst in costs, pretty much as we have been seeing generally.

NDEV charges itself as a supplier of restorative arranges and related projects for hemp and cannabis patients in the United States.

NDEV ‘s protection arrange additionally covers doctor visits, dental, lasik, hearing, diabetic supplies, lab administrations, remedies, and other integrative drugs. Furthermore, it gives protection arranges that cover general obligation, business auto ruck, laborers pay, property, umbrella, abundance risk, ecological, mistakes and oversights, and others, and in addition offers strength line of protection items.

Novus Acquisition and Development Corp. offers its items through operators and computerized advertisers.

The organization was some time ago referred to as previously known as BrandQuest Development Group, Inc. furthermore, changed its name to Novus Acquisition and Development Corp. in April 2009. Novus Acquisition and Development Corp. was established in 1996 and is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

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NGBL – Notis Global Inc

Notis Global Could Shine With a New Look

Notis Global Inc (OTCMKTS:NGBL) has another name and another image as it hopes to eradicate the stench that was Medbox Inc. Medbox left financial specialists with expansive misfortunes as the organization went on a rush of weakening and socked it to the normal speculator. As Notis Global, the organization is trusting that it can get new financial specialists and inspire speculators to disregard its past.

While Notis Global is still a similar old Medbox, the organization is hoping to profit by the restored enthusiasm for pot stocks. We’ve been discussing this as far back as 2016 moved around. Around 14 states could legitimize pot this year, grown-up utilize cannabis or potentially both, either at the polling booth or through state assemblies. While it’s dicey every one of those states will be fruitful, there’s a decent possibility no less than a modest bunch will legitimize in 2016. No other single year has offered such mind boggling guarantee as far as the sheer volume of states that could authorize, on account of other spearheading pot markets and developing backing for cannabis all in all.

The ArcView Group recently reported that lawful offers of cannabis developed to $5.4 billion in 2015, up from $4.6 billion in 2014. Request is required to stay solid this year and the examination firm gauges offers of $6.7 billion. Nonmedicinal grown-up utilize represented $998 million of the aggregate deals in 2015, up from $351 million in 2014, as per the ArcView/New Frontier report rundown.

The most astonishing perspective for us at Insider Financial is the way that maryjane stocks have failed to meet expectations the significant market lists. This part is likely the quickest developing industry in America at this moment and the vast majority of people in general organizations in the space are exchanging for pennies. With the potential enthusiasm originating from all kinds of different backgrounds, we think you’ll see base fishers searching for a place to contribute.

In conjunction with its accomplices, including Whole Hemp Company, Notis is on track to be one of the biggest U.S. cultivators, processors and income makers of hemp items from seed to deal. With development offices situated in Pueblo, Colo., Notis utilizes best cultivating works on, developing item outside and in nursery offices. Notis is situated to wind up a main U.S. based supplier of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil with a devoted deals group, driving income and offering the item for sale to the public. Through key associations, Notis is working with a portion of the world’s driving scientists on ceaseless developments of CBD-related therapeutic items to help patients around the globe.

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NCAP – Northsight Capital becoming interesting

New Appointments Makes Northsight Capital More Interesting

Northsight Capital, Inc. (OTCBB: NCAP) is comprised of a portfolio of online marijuana-related websites that are developed and operated by the company. These sites incorporate many aspects of the marijuana industry. The company intends to provide its audience with a means to stay informed on the industry’s most cutting-edge marijuana-related innovations and legislation.

NCAP’s most dynamic concept,, provides consumers with a geo-targeted map directory of medical and recreational dispensaries, head shops, doctors, attorneys and more within the marijuana industry. The Weed Depot app can be downloaded for free at the iTunes Store and Google Play. Weed Depot has an entire platform of content suited for every aspect of advertising and marketing to consumers from all businesses in the cannabis industry.

NCAP declared as of late the arrangement of John B. Hollister as CEO. Mr. Hollister brings over 25 years of business administration and raising support involvement in related pharmaceutical, biotech and therapeutic gadget fields including SmithKline Beecham and Amgen. Most as of late, as the CEO and Director of NEMUS Bioscience, a biopharmaceutical organization creating cannabis-determined pharmaceutical items, Hollister effectively brought over $7M up in working capital, including the latest round of $5M.

As a Director and Global Commercial Leader in Oncology at Amgen, Hollister was in charge of driving a few multidisciplinary groups creating oncology atoms, and stage IV administration of Neulasta. He has a solid working learning of all aspects of item advancement and commercialization. Hollister was CEO and Chairman of restorative gadget organization EGG Spectrum International, and Senior VP for an analytic organization, Tethys Bioscience. Furthermore, Hollister is a long-standing board part for the main philanthropy in emotional wellness look into, the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. Hollister got his college degree in Economics from Stanford University and his MBA from the Drucker School of Management at the Claremont Graduate University.

Hollister expressed: “With the quickly developing perspective of medicinal and individual utilization of cannabis, comes an enormous requirement for access to data. Northsight Capital has assembled an accumulation of capable areas and has worked out a virtual group of assets for all things maryjane. We are exceptionally amped up for interfacing purchasers with the data, items, occasions and administrations they might want.”

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MENTOR CAPITAL INC COM NPV (OTCMKTS:MNTR) has been running up the graphs supported by an account with its foundations solidly in the organization’s late September declaration of a concurrence with GreenVision Systems, an Emerging Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis and Hemp Farming Company, as a key customer for consultative administrations.

Late activity has seen 250% attached on to share valuing for the posting in the previous month. This is significant of the stock. MNTR has a past filled with sensational energizes. Also, the organization has seen a pop in enthusiasm, as exchange volume levels have as of late pushed surpassing 510% as time goes by and large. It pays to observe this reality because of the small buoy measure in the stock (of 0 shares). As insightful brokers are very much aware, a hop in normal every day exchange volume in a stock with a confined buoy can unleash firecrackers as supply is pressed.

MNTR trumpets itself as a private value firm work in acquisitions. The firm gives detached value financing and liquidity to littler organizations and proprietors in the therapeutic, maryjane and social utilize cannabis organizations.

It puts resources into rack IPOs and open and privately owned businesses and looks to give open market access to proprietors of little privately owned businesses. If there should be an occurrence of rack IPOs, the firm likes to put resources into organizations with deals more prominent than $40 million. It likes to take critical position in its portfolio organizations. The firm puts just in organizations that have profit.
MNTR was established in 1985 and is situated in Ramona, California. MNTR looks to come close by and help private restorative maryjane and cannabis organizations and their originators in meeting their liquidity and money related destinations, to add insurance for financial specialists and to brood private cannabis organizations.

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MJNA – Medicinal Marijuana

Medicinal Marijuana Is on The Verge of Rebound

Medicinal Marijuana, Inc. (OTCPK:MJNA) shut today at $0.10, an ascent of 376% since the stock shut at $0.063 on Oct 14, 2016. With almost 2.95 Billion shares extraordinary, it now has a market capitalization of $667.8 Million, which in view of MJNA’s basics and fleeting prospects, is a few times too high, verging on the silly.

MJNA’s sharp ascent in the stock cost in the course of recent weeks is likely because of most recent recreational cannabis votes in California, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada, these activities go into law. This is on the grounds that MJNA is principally an organization that offers items in light of CBD (Cannabidiol) separated from modern hemp stalks and seeds, and has expressed that until pot is governmentally legitimate, it won’t offer items that incorporate THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol,) and still states on its site that it doesn’t offer items that damage the U.S. Controlled Substances Act.

Indeed, even the entry of restorative cannabis laws in North Dakota, Montana, Arkansas and Florida could be a negative for MJNA, in light of the fact that since the organization has practical experience in CBD removed from the stalks and seeds of modern hemp, it’s totally conceivable that it could lose piece of the overall industry to contenders that concentrate it from the buds of high-CBD strains of pot, for example, Charlotte’s Web (since renamed as therapeutic hemp).

Restorative Marijuana’s financials are expected in the following week, yet as of the end of 2Q/16, they positively were not the sort of numbers that would warrant an almost $700M advertise top. For the initial six months of 2016, MJNA reported aggregate income of $3.26M, which was down 42.6% from the $5.8M reported in 1H/15. The Net Operating Loss in the main portion of 2016 was roughly $1.5M, and because of different one-time charges and compose downs, the 1H/16 net misfortune was about $15M.

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MDCN – Medican Enterprises Inc

Consider Medican Enterprises, But Be Cautious

Medican Enterprises Inc (OTCMKTS: MDCN) is floundering without end in sub penny arrive. This one exchanges at a small amount of its previous self since the 10 for 1 switch split.
On August 4 the Company declared a vital deals advertising arrangement with Music Quest Entertainment. Following a broad, year long assessment of various vital chances to create dynamic deals, the progressions that we are organizing will guarantee that Medican Enterprises will quicken conveying top notch items and deals.
“As MDCN pushes ahead, we are significantly appreciative for our old and new consultants’ direction and bolster that has been offered in the course of the most recent a while,” said Ken Williams, CEO.

MSCN s a bio-pharmaceutical organization concentrated on creating, dispersing and advertising pharmaceutical review cannabis to the developing worldwide restorative maryjane showcase. It’s entirely claimed backup Medican Systems Inc. is an industry pioneer in the plan, development and operation of Medical Marijuana and Cultivation Centers crosswise over Canada.

MDCN) works in the Medical Marijuana part which is a quickly developing industry worth $2.34 billion in 2014 and as per Greenwave Advisors, if every one of the 50 states sanction MJ and the central government went with the same pattern and made it lawful, the joined deals for Medical and Recreational MJ would achieve higher than 35Bln USD by 2020.
All the energy on MDCN is about the 67,000 square foot office in Phoenix, Arizona which the organization arrangements to rent as a pot developing and distribution center office to authorized cultivators.

The modern building sits on 2.55 sections of land of mechanical zoned arrive. The foreseen last price tag for the property is $2,340,310 and an end is arranged amid the primary quarter of 2015 pending, among other shutting conditions, a change to zone the working for the development of weed.

The procurement of this property will dispatch Medican’s land and renting administrations business under which the organization would rent land that is equipped with turnkey answers for lawfully agreeable developing offices to authorized producers. At current market rates the property is evaluated to create yearly rent incomes of around $1,400,000.

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LXRP – Lexaria Bioscience inc.

Lexaria Bioscience is Moving Higher

Lexaria Bioscience Corp (OTCMKTS: LXRP) shares were up 45.27% on recently to $0.284 and level in twilight exchanging. Share costs have been exchanging a 52-week scope of $0.08 to $0.28. The organization has a market top of $14.24 million at 51.29 million shares remarkable.

Lexaria Bioscience Corp is a nourishment sciences organization that is centered around the conveyance of cannabinoid mixes secured from agrarian hemp, through gourmet sustenances in view of its mixture advances. In the past known as Lexaria Corp, the organization works in three sections: oil and gas investigation, restorative weed and Alternative Health Products. LXRP offers its items under the ViPova and Lexaria Energy mark names and brands utilize innovation to implant hemp oil fixings with a lipid in nourishments.
In public statement, Lexaria Bioscience Corp reported that U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued Patent No. 9,474,725 for the organization’s technique for enhancing bioavailability and taste of certain cannabinoid lipophilic dynamic specialists in nourishment items. This denote the organization’s first patent from the USPTO, which can ensure its protected innovation identified with the mixture of cannabinoid mixes in consumable items. Specifically, the patent covers the strategy for joining an unsaturated fat compound with any non-psychoactive cannabinoid for enhanced bioavailability and taste execution in both nourishment and drink groups.

This patent comes at an ideal time for Lexaria Bioscience Corp in front of the November decision, which is relied upon to bolster enactment supporting the legitimization of cannabis-related items in a few states. Likewise, this late patent is just the first in a progression of uses by the organization, which has two continuation applications documented with the USPTO relating to extra dynamic operators, for example, psychoactive cannabinoids,fat solvent vitamins, non-steroidal mitigating medications, and nicotine.
LXRP has an aggregate of seven other patent applications pending in the U.S. also, globally and endorsement of these could speak to further upside for its stock. Right now, share costs are as of now testing the highest point of its yearly range and could be prepared for a break higher on positive upgrades.

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Latteno Food Corp. (LATF) Ready for a break out?

Latteno Food Corp Could Be A Risky Play

Latteno Food Corp. (LATF) is an investment portfolio company that acquires food products, medical marijuana edibles and related products and services with the aim to enhance company growth and development. It focuses on operating within the food and beverage industries.
In this way, LATF are looking at entering the hemp business as well as gloat a fairly great asset report with millions in incomes and a positive bottom line. So why hasn’t their stock possessed the capacity to move out of the triple-zero value ranges?

As a matter of first importance, LATF have been playing the therapeutic maryjane and hemp card for more over a year with various backups being made without adding up to anything considerable. It stays to be checked whether the destiny of the latest auxiliaries will be any unique. In the meantime the money related aftereffects of the organization, albeit as yet reassuring, have encountered an emotional decrease. The yearly incomes for 2014 dropped to almost 50% of the deals for 2013. Contrasted with a similar period a year ago the most recent quarterly report demonstrates that almost the majority of the budgetary markers on the monetary record have disintegrated.

What’s more, if that wasn’t sufficient to persuade you that LATF is a greatly perilous stock how about we draw your consideration towards the extraordinary shares of the organization.

Between January 2, 2013, and March 9, 2015, the brain boggling measure of 6.9 BILLION shares was issued. As of May 11 LATF reported 8.2 BILLION exceptional shares and if the rate at which new shares are being printed continues as before the organization will soon achieve its as of now approved measure of 10 billion shares. The CEO of the organization has expressed that there are no arrangements for a turn around split so if the issuance of shares proceeds with LATF may be compelled to expand their approved shares significantly further.

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NRTI Inergetics Inc – Product Portfolio Could Provide a Boost

Inergetics Product Portfolio Could Provide a Boost

Inergetics Inc (OTCMKTS:NRTI) is floundering without end in triple zero sub penny arrive on light volume as of late. The stock has a background marked by huge moves running from a begin purpose of $0.10 to a high of $0.34 a partake in 2014.
On August 11 NRTI declared the dispatch of Vitamin Whey™, a propelled protein powder that is more agreeable and moderate for buyers needing more protein, vitamins and minerals in their weight control plans.

“We are amped up for this most recent brand presentation from Inergetics as it shows our center development methodology is on track with plan,” said Mike James, CEO. “We created Vitamin Whey on account of execution and in close discourse with our retail accomplices for a growing commercial center.”

NRTI is a main engineer of cutting edge exclusive nourishing items that enhance general wellbeing, physical recuperation, athletic execution and personal satisfaction for patients and shoppers. These product offerings include:

Martha Stewart Essentials, the initially marked line of ladies’ supplements available particularly made with Martha’s uncommon touch.

Surgex Sports Nutrition, with its spearheading equations created to meet the wholesome needs of the masses and also expert and beginner competitors. Surgex is pleased to be the favored games sustenance mark for Army Sports, San Diego Charger wide recipient and 2013 NFL Offensive Player of the Year Keenan Allen, and David Amerson, star cornerback of the Washington Redskins.

To Find out within Scoop on NRTI Subscribe to Right Now by entering your Email in the crate beneath

Swimming outfit Ready Lifestyle, an imaginative recipe utilized by expert surfers Anastasia Ashley and Christa Alves to help you keep up your weight and get you “Swimsuit Ready”!
SlimTrim, a moderate, premium esteem consume less calories supplement to help you keep up a sound way of life with a specific end goal to lose those additional pounds.

Chief of NRTI Mike James said “We have gained gigantic ground in the course of the most recent couple of months toward bringing a genuinely new torment alleviation answer for the market. We trust the work of the Inergetics group and CBD Initiative Scientific/Advisory Board delivered a leap forward supplement line that weds our capacity to create inventive, normal nutraceuticals with a science-based approach utilizing CBD’s demonstrated advantages to the human body. The product offering is planned to enhance the lives of individuals experiencing torment by giving them a characteristic cure that is comprehensive, sedative free, non-addictive and viable.”

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