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Marijuana Stocks

Nyse California marijuana stocks

Cannabis industry keeps on getting promoted with every government step to legalize the weed in recreational or medical terms. There are many marijuana companies listed on the NYSE California exchange. Cannabis companies majorly raise money from capital firms or by listing their stock. The listing of stocks on reputed stock exchanges allows the fundraising from a bigger pool of investors. The stocks are volatile but the best option for the emerging sector, like cannabis.

The listing of stocks on major stock exchanges like NYSE
California requires compliance with
strict rules for which the company is accountable. It is even a positive signal
for the investors that the company they’re choosing has a seriousness about the business.

List of
some NYSE California Marijuana Stocks

  1. Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB)

Aurora Cannabis is the Canadian Marijuana producer and is a full-fledged stock for the exposure to the
cannabis industry. It is one of the largest companies in the world having 8
production facilities and operations in eighteen major countries. The stocks
have ranged in the levels of $4.05- $12.52 in the 52-weeks.

  • Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC)

Canopy Growth is the largest marijuana company in the world in
terms of its market capitalization (8.2 billion). The company has the largest funded production and is expanding its
space for growing cannabis. It has reached to a level of high-end spacing and
given a positive outlook to the investors. The stock is not a penny stock and
has a value of about $45. It comes under the category of most trusted cannabis
stocks under the NYSE stock exchange.

  • CannTrust Holdings Inc. (CTST)

CannTrust provides medicinal and recreational
cannabis and its products. The company has a huge facility in Ontario and is
planning for expansion with the legalization of cannabis in many parts of the
US. The operations in Canada work for the US and Canadian places. Outside of
Canada, CannTrust works have a joint
venture with STENOCARE in Denmark and Cannatrek Limited in Australia. The stock
prices in 52-weeks have varied from $4.35 to $11.97.

  • Pyxus International Inc. (PYX)

Pyxus International was primarily known as Alliance One
International and was involved in the growing
and packaging of tobacco. The company got into the cannabis segment as its
subsidiaries entered into the world of cannabis for business growth. The subsidiary received cultivation licensing from Health Canada and sold marijuana with an
agreement for Cannabis products. Pyxus International’s Korent subsidiary
produces the hemp-derived CBD oil, industrial hemp and e-cig liquids containing
cannabis. The stocks of the company are valued at $24 at present.

  • Innovative
    Industrial Properties Inc (IIPR)

The market capitalization of IIPR is $407.20 million. It is the
only traded cannabis company focusing entirely on the Real Estate Investment
Trust. The company manages the real-estate properties and gives it on lease to
several medical cannabis companies based in the United States. The stock
fluctuations in the previous one year have been in the range of $25.60 –