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Just another stock market insider trading system sales pitch

Here is an example of a stock market insider trading landing page. What do you think?

How To Produce Seemingly Impossible Profits Year After Year From Stock Trading…In Any Market…Guaranteed!

You are about to discover a method developed for making money that will in all likelihood cause you many sleepless nights…you will be so excited! I don’t care what you’ve been told or what you already know about investing. Anyone can make money with this program…anyone!

A system for making outrageous money trading the stock market. It is so easy anyone can do it…and many people are. It doesn’t matter if the stock market is going up or down. My system will teach you how to make a pile of cash quickly…again and again…and spend only 15 minutes a day doing it.

“Over the course of eight years, I have read almost a hundred books on trading and investing and taken several courses and purchased many different trading systems and methods. You have done a great job detailing a highly effective trading methodology. It is hard to find such detailed material, covering basics such as what a price bar is, to fine points in selecting only the best-looking trades. I appreciate the care you have taken in explaining every nuance of the method.” Andre S. – Brazil

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To: Money Seekers
Re: Incredible Trading System That Consistently Picks Winners.

Dear Money Motivated Friend,

Wouldn’t it be nice to know just when to buy and when to sell stocks and options? Or how to quickly profit on a stock going down in value?

If I told you I have one of the best kept secrets (maybe the best) for trading stocks and options profitably, would you be interested?

Well good news! I do. It’s been tested and proven many times. GIVE ME 5 MINUTES and I’LL SHOW YOU!

I’ve developed a trading system that picks winners based on specific and simple chart patterns. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist. You just follow my simple instructions. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is…Guaranteed!

Here is a sample of some stock picks I’ve found recently

Entry Date
Entry Price
Exit Price
Percent Profit
Dollar Move
# of Days

Take a look at the stock chart below and I’ll give you a clue about how I found them. The numbered bars below are called Reversal Bars. Bars like these are well-known by master traders. They commonly show up just before stocks begin to reverse their current direction and briefly surge back in the opposite direction. Each of the numbered bars below produced double-digit profits in just two days (bars one and two were both 30+ percent gainers). Many of the stock options on these picks more than doubled in value. Bet you wish you had been in on these plays!

Can you see any common characteristics in the numbered bars above?

Reversal Bars provide extremely useful information very few people have ever noticed…until now. When you try my system I will teach you “exactly” how to identify them and much more. All of the sample stock picks above began with reversal bars. When you get my system you will learn precisely how to find reversal bars…but that’s just the beginning. You will also learn other powerful criteria that (together with Reversal Bars) can make trading a no brainer…guaranteed!

“Your discipline is excellent. It is simple to understand and just as easy to deploy. I am looking forward to using it as a partner with my system, and as a super stand alone system. I will be using it as my short-term trading discipline. I sincerely believe your program will significantly increase my overall long-term results. I would recommend beatingthetrend to anyone looking to trade the market on a short term basis.” Respectfully- Scott S. Reston, VA

“I began using the “beatingthetrend” strategy about 3 months ago. To date I have averaged just over a nine percent return per trade and as much as 38 percent on some. As I am a beginning trader, it is important for me to have a strategy that is easy and consistent – and this is it! Thanks for sharing this tool that is helping me to realize my financial freedom.” N. Caldwell San Diego, CA

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Discover How To Make Money Even Faster When Stocks Go Down!

In addition, my trading guide will teach you how to make money on stocks going down! The truth is that you can often make money much faster in a market where prices are falling because the fear of other traders will cause them to sell like crazy.

This system is so powerful, you only really need one or two good trades a month to beat just about everyone else in the market. Think about this:

Let’s say you start with $1,000 and find only two good picks per month…just two that you are absolutely sure are going to be winners (I’ll show you how). Of course there are many good picks, but let’s say you have very little time and only want to trade a couple times a month. What do you think would happen if your trades averaged only 3 percent return each (not 15 or 30 percent like the trades above…more if you trade stock options), but just 3 percent? I’ll tell you what would happen.

If you traded that $1,000 twice a month and averaged only 3 percent per trade…and kept reinvesting the money in the same way month after month, your $1,000 would more than double after one year (100+ percent return for the year) But Wait! What if you did for another year? Again, if you got the same results, your money would more than double again…growing to more than $4,000.

In a tax deferred account like an IRA if you were to continue this pattern for 10 years, your $1,000 would grow to $1,024,000.00! That’s right! $1,000 can grow to over a million dollars in just 10 years if you can find just two trades a month that average only 3 percent each!

Can you imagine the possibilities if you can average just 4 percent per trade? Just 1 additional little percent per trade on $1,000 over 10 years would get you well over $5,000,000! (Almost 5 times more!) The power of compound interest and a few years can really work to your advantage and add up fast. But waiting can cost you big time.

If you were earning an average of 4 percent per trade as we have been suggesting, and you waited just one year to get started, your account would be worth only half as much. In this example, waiting one year would cost you $2,500,000.00. I don’t know about you, but waiting a year seems awfully expensive to me.

How many years will you have to work at your current job to earn 2 1/2 million dollars? I’m shocked when people tell me they can’t afford to save or invest. Clearly they don’t understand the cost of waiting or the power of compound interest.

“…I began using your system in September. WOW, so far I’ve had eight winning trades in a row averaging 17 percent each. Where were you guys 20 years ago? Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!” Mary R. Orlando, FL

“I’ve been an active full-time trader since April, 1996, with very good results. I have adopted “Beating TheTrend” exclusively as my trading discipline. Even better results, (average 109+ percent returns annually) with no baby-sitting my trades…” Thanks so much G.W. Appleton, WI.

“I received your trading course and think it’s great! With the assistance of your program, I profited $6,540 on my first day with it. Many thanks to you and your system.” R.A., Israel

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Get my system for reading the stock market language. If you can read it, you can learn to predict what’s going to happen next.

Bottom line, using my proven system can drastically increase your profits while substantially reducing your risk. That I know. Look at what one of the folks that use it said…

Let’s look at some of the valuable secrets you will discover with my system…

  • How to find stocks that are about to radically change direction
  • Precisely when to take profits
  • How to spend as little as 15 minutes per day and make huge profits
  • You’ll see how to easily sort the market for tradable stocks
  • How to massively reduce your risk

Better yet, how great will you feel when you can…

  • Stop constantly losing money
  • Stop giving back profits
  • Stop the guessing game
  • Stop “hoping” things will go your way
  • Get off the emotional roller coaster
  • Easily identify stocks about to reverse direction and surge.
But Wait…There is much more!
You will also get 3 Free bonuses! Detailed below
  • Free guide to managing your emotions when trading
  • Free information about how to cut your trading commissions to only a penny per share…or less. This will save you a small fortune!
  • Free trial software that will find the trades that meet my standards…automatically

Now that you’ve had a partial glimpse of what’s inside, I want you to understand how sure I am that my system can work for YOU.

The “Let Me Shoulder The Risk” 180-Day Guarantee…

You need to be satisfied! After trying my system, if you’re not convinced that you can earn you at least 200 percent profit per year, I demand you return it for a full refund. I know it works because I’ve been trading it for years. You just need to see it to believe it. That’s why I give you 180 days to play with it before you decide to keep it. If you decide you don’t want it, I’ll give you a 100 % refund, No questions asked!

You have this guarantee for one simple reason. That is, the people who use my incredibly profitable system love it. Just look at what some of them have to say…

“…thank you for simplifying the market for me.. I’ve never been very technical, but this is so simple. And I love making money on stocks when I don’t even know the name of the company or what they do. Thanks sooo much!” Barry L. Los Angeles, CA

“Jeff, I’m a believer. You can’t imagine how much I have spent on other services and software. I like the simplicity and to-the-pointness. It’s easy to get lost in fluff with many other systems. Good job!” Severin S. – Miami, FL

“Over the course of eight years, I have read almost a hundred books on trading and investing and taken several courses and purchased many different trading systems and methods. You have done a great job detailing a highly effective trading methodology. It is hard to find such detailed material, covering basics such as what a price bar is, to fine points in selecting only the best-looking trades. I appreciate the care you have taken in explaining every nuance of the method.” Andre S. – Brazil

“Thanks for making this all so easy to understand. I’m a beginning options trader and just love this system! I’m up over 200% this month!” R.W. Austin, TX

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Whether You’re A Novice or A Pro, My System Will Give You The Edge You Need To Win!

Okay, You’ve heard some of the positives, what about the negatives?

Let’s face it, nothing is ever as good or bad as it seems. I want to share with you some of the reasons why this might not work for you.

  • Lately, my system has been identifying fewer trades than usual. Meaning, the system hasn’t picked as many stocks that meet my standards. For me, this is good news. I don’t want to be in trades just to be in them. I trade to make money, just like you. If the conditions aren’t right, I want to hold onto my cash. As you’ve seen the market hasn’t been pretty in recent months. However, the ones my system did pick have done very well. Once the market shifts we’ll see more. But if you’re looking for quantity instead of quality you’ll need to go somewhere else.
  • It will take awhile to learn it. You’ll need to see it a few times before you get it. Again, that’s why so few people know about it. I’ll explain in very clear detail how it works. Put it this way…I’ve taught this system to 10 year olds. If you don’t fully understand my simple explanations…send it back for a full refund.
  • You think you’ll make money on every trade. If you think this, I can promise you it isn’t true. There is no “perfect” trading system and everyone trading this system has losing trades. We never recommend trading money you can’t afford to lose. The key is to win more often and to limit your risk. We’ll show you how to do it.
  • You don’t believe there could possibly be a successful system to trading stocks and options. If that’s the case, explain to me why there are enormously profitable traders out there. Are they just lucky? No, they know what they are doing. They have a system like mine.

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