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Kids, Have You Seen Your Parent Today?

Barbara Rose, Ph.D. knows what it feels like to have a missing child. Over a decade ago during a custody fight, her former husband disappeared with their children for over a week. Rose says, “My six year old son was emotionally devastated. Years later he told me when he asked, “Where’s my Mommy?” he was not given an answer, and he used to cry himself to sleep.”

After hearing about more heartbreaking kidnappings, she had a dream. Rose said it was, “more like a message, to create ‘Have You Seen Your Parent Today?’ and make it a national, free campaign to educate children and teens about how they can come forward and be safe.

“What matters to me most is that children are reunited with their parents if they have been kidnapped, are told either of their parents is dead, or are prevented from having loving contact with their parent.” She added, ” I just want to help make a difference. Even if just one child is reunited with his or her parents, that in and of itself would feel like a miracle to me.”

Rose requests the support and participation of the media and school personnel to create this awareness campaign to educate children and teens in case they are ever kidnapped or kept away from their parent against their will.

Download a colorful flyer with the following information HERE. (pdf) You can take a copy to your child’s school or school district and ask that they post some. And how about sending this information to your local newspaper?


Have You Seen Your Parent Today?

  • Have you ever been told that either of your parents is dead?
  • Have you not seen or spoken to one of your parents for more than a week?
  • Were you ever threatened that if you tell anyone about your situation that you or your family would be killed?
  • Have you been prevented from using a telephone?
  • Have you been prevented from speaking to any of your relatives?
  • Do you feel afraid that if you say something you will be hurt?
  • Have you been kept away from your family and old friends?
  • Have you been isolated, and forced to be alone?
  • Do you ever miss your Mom or Dad, but are not sure what to do?


If any of the above applies to you, please go to the school office immediately, and let the Principal know.

If you are not in school, please call 911, or tell your neighbor. You will be safe and protected!


For more info click HERE.

Missing Child Help

If you Child is Missing, IMMEDIATELY CALL 911 THEN CALL

1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678)

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Barbara Rose, Ph.D. is the best selling author of nine books including If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer!, Stop Being the String Along: A Relationship Guide to Being THE ONE, and Know Yourself. She is an internationally recognized expert in personal transformation, relationships, consciousness and spiritual awakening, and a pioneering force in incorporating Higher Self Communication, the nondenominational study and integration of humanity’s God Nature into modern personal growth and spiritual evolution. Dr. Rose is known for providing life changing answers, quick practical coaching and deep spiritual wisdom to people worldwide as the Founding Director of Institute of Higher Self Communication. Her highly acclaimed books, public speaking events, spiritual intensives, teleseminars, webcasts, and internationally published articles has transformed the lives of millions across the globe. Dr. Rose works in cooperation with some of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time, to uplift the spiritual consciousness of humanity.