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Laws to remember when you have a teacup pig

Laws to remember when you have a teacup pig

Laws are meant to set up rules for owning teacup pigs. You might have heard of some of them but it is essential to know all of the regulations to make sure that you’re ready to follow them for bringing the teacup pig home. You don’t have to be an educationist to know about the regulations but understand them to keep the pig safely at your place.

  • Travel laws

Every state has its own travel laws and regulations for the pigs in that particular state. Some states require visible identification and others might require blood tests (like pseudorabies and brucellosis) before permitting a dog to cross the different state lines. There is a simple document named Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) to follow and whatever are the regulations, make sure that you follow them. It is important to make the pet travel only with the legal certifications of the state. These rules are meant to protect your pig as well as other pigs from the diseases that could be transferred by the infected pig. The penalties are very high for the people who violate these rules.

  • Zoning Laws

Each state in the US has different regulations for keeping the pets within the city zones. Each country might have inconsistent ordinances within one state but you need to make sure about your region to check out the rules. Many people have initiated conflicts regarding the amendments in the regulations for allowing pigs to reside within the city limits and some cases have been successful. It is not worthy if you bring the pig and then give application for amendment of acts. The decision should be made before adding the pig to your family. You can find out the ways to check the zoning of pigs and how you can file an application to change the city ordinance. Don’t bring a pig if you have to hide it as it is not going to be good for you or your family.

Homeowners associations can give an impact on whether the pig should be allowed or not. Don’t sign a paper if you’re not sure about the ordinances. Sometimes the exact words are different from what you might think about it. Try to avoid court cases and bring a pig only if you are sure about keeping them home.

  • Corporate Laws

No animal is allowed to be neglected or tortured in any way. The local humane organizations and animal control officer might turn up to the farmers or local owners who are not keeping the pet or farm animal well. Humane organizations and animal rights groups are pursuing cases against animal cruelty against a large number of defendants. You must be aware of these laws and procedures for keeping the animal at home only if you’re sure about taking honest care of them. These cases occur mainly for the farm animal cases but the neglected home pets might face such problems as well.

  • Personal Injury/ Property Damage Law

Your pig may be decent but if it misbehaves or bites any kid due to any reason, the consequences could be legal. Make sure that your pig is vaccinated against any diseases which could be caused by the animal bite. If your pig tends to bite, don’t take him to the community events as it might create troubles for you. Also, if you live in a rented apartment or house, make sure that your landlord is aware that you have a pig and if any damage is caused in the property, you will get it repaired.

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