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More men are turning to Liposuction

More men are turning to Liposuction

Despite the popular association that plastic surgery is for women, liposuction for men is becoming an ever common theme especially in metropolitan areas like New York and Los Angeles. But there are several differences between typical procedures for women and for men. The primary difference is that liposuction for a man is more expensive than a woman. The reason behind this explains the difference in treatment requests between men and women.

The reason is a very general assumption that men are generally larger in size than women. Since liposuction prices are determined based on the amount of work required of the surgeon larger areas will cost more than smaller areas. So for a man to get the same procedure as a woman, in general, the man will have more area and therefore cost more.

For smaller areas, smaller anesthesia dosage is required. Most procedures that require only local anesthesia do not need an anesthesiologist to perform the administration which saves money. The combination of lower dosage without the need for an anesthesiologist makes a huge difference in the final cost of liposuction.

However, the increased cost of the procedure in men is mainly on account of the biological difference between them. The fat cells in men are more fibrous and tougher making the task of removing them more time-consuming. This is another reason as to why the men are charged more for liposuction than women.

Also, men tend to request treatment on areas that are already more fibrous in nature than other parts of the body. These are the parts that are hard to reach by exercise and dieting such as the abdomen, the chest, and the love handles at the sides of the waist.

Attaining the advice from a board-certified plastic surgeon is essential before proceeding with the actual surgery. This is to ensure that the individual seeking liposuction is healthy enough to undergo the treatment without risking any complications, later on. Today many men go for laser liposuction as it is considered safe over other methods of surgery.

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