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Feminists hate being women

This is an email I got. Notice her sterling standard of equality. These women hate being women.

“Dear Amber,

god, another student who has been “had” by Ayn Rand. boy you sound just
like I used to sound, before I figured out that Ayn Rand’s ideas, though
superficially rational-sounding, have very little practical application.

Take for instance your “Objectivist Sex” – you left out the very first part
of the equation which is that BEFORE women or men are women or men, they are
both human and of the same species. That is the a priori standard by which
they are both exactly the same. Whenever a being is separated from their
own humaness they are fodder for unjust discrimination.
(Witness the fact that slaves were not thought to be human. Nietzche and
Martin Luther also questioned whether women were actually human. This gave
them ammunition to treat women badly)
I think of myself as human first, woman second. Why do you think of people
as a gender before you think of them as human?
Human = Human
Human is Human

The sterling standard by which I judge gender justice and equality is, is
just ask any man if he would change places with a woman. No takers, baby!

Thus, based on YOUR rational, objectivist thinking one must deduce that men
and women are treated differently, therefore, not equally, based on a flawed
assumption that they are separate beings (by your definition) and not
equally human. Which is incorrect.

Check your premises. Please.

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