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Anti-Koran Film Released OnlineThursday March 27th 2008, 6:27 pm
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Things are going to get ugly. According to The Hollywood Reporter…

AMSTERDAM — Dutch politician Geert Wilders’ anti-Muslim short film “Fitna” is finally available on the Internet. Wilders’ PVV political party put a link to the 15-minute-short on its Web site at 7 p.m. Thursday Dutch time. English- and Dutch-language versions of the film are offered at via a link to

Immediately after the news, the Dutch government went into a crisis meeting to discuss a reaction to the film. It is expected that Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende will give a response to Wilders’ action later tonight.

Knowing these wacky take-to-the-streets, riot-over-cartoons, death-to-anyone-that-offends-them types as we do, one would think “crisis meetings” would be apropos.

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‘Fitna’ is a very good film. I saw it online this morning and was pleased to see it so well done. It uses the words of the Koran and the actions of its followers to make its point. Muhammad’s name is not mentioned nor is his image shown – except for the little bomb.

Comment by David Adams 03.27.08 @ 7:19 pm

It is actually less shocking than I expected…anyone who has been paying attention, has seen almost all of this before. But it is lyrical, beautifully orchestrated, and compelling.
When I was in Britain years ago, there was a sign in front of a mosque in London that said, “Islam… the future of Britain”. My English friends seemed not to even see it, nor did they understand where their country was heading. In discussions, it was as if I was talking about the moon, or a parallel universe. They just didn’t see what WAS in their future.
Now that future is getting closer. Wake up, Britain!

Comment by Joanie in Carlsbad 03.27.08 @ 10:26 pm

I watched Fitna earlier this afternoon. It consists of nothing more than the truth, straight from the mouths of these maniacal islamofascists. When they start rioting, burning cars, killing innocent people and calling for jihad because of it, they will have no one to blame but themselves.

How much longer is the western world going to appease these lunatics? Hitler was appeased by the west for a while too, and we know how he met his end.

Comment by Tom 03.27.08 @ 10:35 pm

Please visit the Daniel Pipes forum on the internet, see how i of many speak scientifically on origins of life through the holy books and how opinions almost meet between religions. Not as the majority speak without understanding real science of holy books, not just talking on the surface, on issues like terrorism which commits such acts, talking them as a mirror of a religion.

Comment by tarek 03.29.08 @ 3:31 pm

Weakness is taking advantage on the bad circumstances. But Power is talking face to face on scientificall theories concerning origins of religions, thus reaching high points of understanding rather than taking advantage of the surface of things.
Science is what made us what we are now and the mother of all science is the holy origins, so why dont we open powerfull conversations instead of trailing weak points.
Why dont we lead ourselves to the unknown instead of fussing with no target.

Comment by tarek 03.29.08 @ 5:54 pm
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