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Stock Market Tips win more than you lose

Stock Market Tips win more than you lose

The unpredictability of the stock market can be a scary thing for investors. Majority of them are dying for information that will pinpoint certainty in the rise and fall frenzy of it all. There is a lot information as well as tips that claim to aid investors to make profits against all the odds. Yet, several investors who have followed those tips has only led to cataclysmic financial losses.

But you can help but wonder that despite this dilemma if some people actually have success.

How did they do it?

Well, that is a grand question that requires a grand answer. There is a fundamental rule that I have learned from years of experience in trading in stock market, “Buy when everyone else sells and sell when everyone else buys.” However, it took me a while to adhere to this golden rule because there is the urge to just follow the crowd, especially in a business venture like stock market trading where there are lots of crowds.

There is always a new trend to watch (buying or selling stocks), and most people follow it because of the strong belief that they will reap a large amount of profits from it. But, rumors are always perpetrated on the market floor just to incite people to make wrong moves so that a secluded few can reap from other investors’ mistakes. But if you are wise enough to discern a likely rumor from a fact, you can be among the very few to make ample amount of money from your stocks.

It is also important that you gather but sieve through the information and tips made available to you to know the credible ones. Be on your feet yourself to know the latest in the stock market, never listen to your cab driver about the recent changes in the prices of stocks. Access the information from professionals and the media so that you can make a concrete and positive decision as to the next step to be taken.

To buy or not to buy? To sell or no to sell? Both are incessant questions that plague the minds of investors. But the answer lies in being able to predict the next change in the value of a particular stock. How well have you monitored the rise and fall in the value of a stock to be able to determine its next value rise or sudden plummet? Do not base your hopes of investing in an X company stock because of its present performance but monitor that stock performance in relation to the outcome of its future value. I hope I am making sense?

The sense is to monitor the company’s activities in terms of the new product it just made, the cost of its raw materials and other production input. If you practice your predicting skill often (of course with credible information) you will be able to tell the next change in value of a stock as easily as a fortune teller.

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