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Stock market virtual games

An Introduction
powerful source of income for members is the virtual stock market game. This is the fuel that drives the engine of this outstanding online opportunity.

Consider this: if you had joined right at the launch of this money-making machine, with an investment of just under CHF900, today that investment would be worth a whopping CHF280,000! And you did not even have to recruit a single downline to earn that amount of money!

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Sure, they will also tell you the exact same thing if you had bought some stocks of Microsoft, right? And no one would dispute that! But the thing is, you can still join this wonderful opportunity today and still expect to make good money in a year or two. And you don’t even have to sell the shirt off your back to buy your membership!

Membership costs are 65 Euros for Standard membership, 275 Euros for the Advantage level and 650 Euros for the Prestige level. One of the advantages of the Prestige Membership level is you are entitled to participate in future Initial Public Offerings, or IPO’s of the company.

Early this year, the membership packages were revised and updated. Please go to the membership page to check out the various membership levels available and their relative benefits and advantages.

The company has introduced many new games since the old days. The latest game introduced is called Globelot, and according to the promotional materials, everybody wins in this game!! Don’t ask me if this is true – I’m a stock market investor, pure and simple.

Another welcome change that members are in no doubt very happy about: the P2 Card has been incorporated into the membership packages to eliminate the hassle associated with money withdrawal. No more delays in withdrawing your money!!

When it was first launched, the currency used was the Swiss Francs, CHF. Early this year, 2004, that was changed to the Euro. Again, this was a welcome move and it reflects the proactive attitude of the owners and the management of the company to keep their fingers on the pulse of members’ needs and sentiments.   

Question: At the current stock price, can I still make money from the virtual stock market game?

You definitely can!! But of course you cannot expect to earn CHF280,000 from you investment today without doing anything. It’s just the way it is, opportunity comes, the opportunity goes.

To earn a sizable amount of money in World Games Inc you need to play the stock market game, recruit members to earn Relationship Marketing Rewards, reinvest your RMR in the stock market game, etc.. And to play the stock market game, you need to learn the rules of the game, when to buy and when to sell your stock, how to let your common sense prevail over your emotions, especially when the market is trending.

I have visited many websites of Independent Members of World Games Inc and the one thing I’ve noticed that gets repeated about the virtual stock market game is that it is not influenced by external factors.

Yes, granted, the stock market game is not influenced by external factors, but the movement of the stock price, which by the way is the single most important factor determining the value of your investment besides the number of shares that you own, is still subject to herd mentality of the members! And these members are living in the real world, subject to external factors, with real needs, desires, concerns and wants. The simple rule, buy low sell high, which everyone has heard of, knows it by heart even, is thrown out of the window the moment one sees the price chart moving up or down.

Why? Because of fear that you will miss the chance to sell at a higher price, you fear that you will miss the chance to buy at a lower price, greed because you think that the price will go up further, or that the price will fall down some more and so you refuse to sell or buy at the current price!

Or, you see that the price is going up, and you notice that there are many buyers, and so you hop onto the bandwagon. Conversely, you notice that the price is falling like a rock and so your first reaction is to sell at whatever price you can! So, my question to you is, what good is it that the World Games Inc stock market game is protected from external factors?

If all of these is too much for you, but you would still want to earn some residual income from the Internet, then write to me. I’ll do my best to help you. 

This opportunity is the first of its kind in history where you can play a virtual stock on the Internet or be involved in a sweepstakes on the Internet, all from the comfort of your home or office. It is EXCITING, it is FUN and it’s a CHANCE for anyone to make a lot of money with little risk.

Pete Billac, a best-selling author, in his book: Getting Rich on The Internet, World Games Inc., says that the WGI opportunity is “the most exciting work-at-home business concept on the Internet today: playing games to get rich on the internet! It will change the financial lives of many maybe for the rest of their lives.”

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