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What We Can and Can’t Learn About Biology From Feminism






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Why the States Don’t Collect Child Support Arrearages and Never Will (8)

    scott: What can be done? Did you cut him any slack when you were married and the same thing happened or is your…
    Luanne_Goldman: I have been chasing my construction working ex husband in IL for 10yrs. Arrearages accrued every…

Conservatives Fear Vilsack Appointment as Agriculture Secretary (1)

    Jill Richardson: Hello, You’ve misquoted me here. The quotes you took are from a blog post on my site…

Democrat Responsibility For The Economic Crisis (1)

    Squiggy: Barney Frank the smartest guy in Congress? Only if the other 434 had momma’s who told them “life…

CNN Lists Sarah Palin With 2008’s Criminals, Sex Addicts, and the Corrupt (3)

    Warner Todd Huston: Tony, the PC world never stops, eh?
    ericmiami: It’s only a matter of time ’til everything catches up with Sarah.
    Tony Ananda: Well, Warner, they had to include a woman, you see. Just as the Republican ticket had to include a woman…

Terrorists say vote Democratic! (1)

    會計師事務所: 專業的會計師事務所, 讓會計師�?為您事業的 得力助手。!

Alec Baldwin: A Promise to Ourselves (8)

    rogerfgay: So where is the acknowledgement that family law has left the realm of private issue law and become an…
    BernardChapin: Good of you to post this Mike. You know, I don’t like this leftist loser but his new book…
    George Jones: If Baldwin has “seen the light” how much of the money he makes from his book will he donate…
    Robert Stevens: There is a not so old saying, things have gotten soo bad that even the liberals are complaining. Well…
    Squiggy: Thanks, Mike. No way could I have considered reading something from Baldwin, until your article. I think the…

McCain, Obama campaigns discovered making questionable edits to Wikipedia (2)Group claims 7610 of 8001 domestic violence victims in New Hampshire are women (6)

    amfortas: Tell the BIG lie. Spread it around. Have lots of people repeat it. Put it in books and the newspapers. Have…
    shatteredmen: I know this thread has been around for a while but I wonder if this report really states that 7610 of…
    Lynne: Lets see. Compare these two. A woman who almost died due to strangulation by her husband, and a man who was…

Does International Dating Force American Women to ‘Submit to the Patriarchy’? (16)

    Ernest : I would rather stay single than to be with a girl who is difficult and self-centered. I went to Colombia…

Myths Of Debt To Be Corrected For 2009 (2)

    James Raider: Squiggy, Thanks for that note. It is rather pathetic that a perception can be successfully built in…
    Squiggy: This is an actual quote from Jefferson County (Alabama) commissioner William Bell: “regarding the…

Israeli Attacks on Hamas Justified (6)

    scott: And yet, not one UN resolution calling for an immediate halt to rocket and mortar attacks? Surely not!
    itay ben porat: lay?docid=419952664… look at this video explains all… im…
    scott: Dabir: first, most Israelis were not born when the events to which you refer took place. Collective guilt? In…
    Dabir Dalton: Scott ever hear of this old saying” What goes around comes around… The Israelis and the…

Your daughter is in danger if she takes high fashion seriously (2)

    Lynne: I guess it’s bad that we should encourage models to stop starving themselves to reach unrealistic weight…

Risk factors in school shootings: Lack of attachment is a common thread with boys and violent behavior (12)

    Lynne: How are judges removing fathers from their homes? Unless the father is abusive and has a restraining order, or…

Amnesty International’s Anti-Israeli Complaint (1)

    scott: The Palestinians have not been brought to the brink of humanitarian disaster by the conduct of the USA or by…

Drum Roll! The Winner of the 2008 Award for Political Incorrectness is… (2)

    dads & things: Drum Roll! The Winner of the 2008 Award for Political Incorrectness is…

Few Women in Abuse Shelters are True Victims of Violence (4)

    shatteredmen: The Duluth model allows almost anything to be called abuse they do not like but it only applies if a…
    shatteredmen: Vivian, if it were just “physically” abused women in the shelters, we would at least have…

Mike LaSalle
What We Can and Can’t Learn About Biology From Feminism

What We Can and Can’t Learn About Biology From Feminism

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